Hum Tum Shabana

Hum Tum Shabana

Employed with Paradigm Entertainment and assigned to work under Company President Ravi Agarwal by their employer, Wadhwa, two Mumbai-based rival colleagues, Rishi Malhotra and Karthik Iyer, who both had hoped to secure Ravi's position, travel to Goa to participate in a beauty pageant 'Miss Glamorama'. Both get attracted to a nervous contestant, Shabana Raza, and do try to outwit each other to assist her in gaining confidence - but the winner turns out to be a much taller, seasoned, and determined Rhea Dixit. Crestfallen at her loss, Shabana returns home but the duo follow her there, and are told that she likes both of them but her life and marriage is not under her control.

Two colleagues, who woo the same woman, are abducted by her gangster uncle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (nl) wrote: good performance doc

Koure O (jp) wrote: Wow, could well be the worst SCIFI movie of all time.

Josh M (gb) wrote: anyone who is interested in history of florida and black history must see this horrorific film if dont like movies where ppl are killed for cus of one lie then dont watch but if u can hold stomach and watch tons of blacks being hung and lich alive and burned alive then watch it either way watch this film it's historic and very sad

Sean L (jp) wrote: Clint Eastwood stars and directs in this shameless Leone homage from the early '70s. Eastwood's unnamed horse-mounted strangers have never been the friendliest characters in the west, but in this instance he takes things to a whole new level. He's quick with guns of several varieties, mowing down three rowdy bar patrons and raping a bystander in the film's uncomfortable opening scene, then settling in to take the surviving villagers for all they're worth when he's hired for protection. As it turns out, the village has a few dirty secrets of its own, and its leaders soon resort to a wide variety of veiled threats and bumbling backstabs to keep them quiet. That leaves absolutely no one in the clear as a moral compass, even the twisted preacher, and the film soon settles in to spinning lazy circles like a rudderless ship. Misogynistic, mean-spirited and narrow, it's not a whole lot of fun to watch beyond a few sporadic action shots and one or two well-placed puns. A far cry from the unspoken atmosphere, dense moral grey area and thick, palpable character of the Spaghetti Westerns that made Clint's name in the mid '60s.

Karsh D (br) wrote: Enjoyable heist comedy with Caine playing the con man with his usual 60's suave style. Maclaine gives able support and Herbert Lom plays the richest man in the world of whom Caine is trying to steal from.

D M (de) wrote: In Belize, a couple of American tourists on a scuba-dive get mixed up with a treasure-hunter when they find him floating unconscious. A gang of nasty Rastafarians is in hot-pursuit of the Spanish gold the hunter has located. The gold is located 600 feet under the ocean; an ocean-dwelling tyrannosaurus rex is disturbed by the gold-diggers, and is hungry. Not good.

Thomas B (ru) wrote: Fun children's entertaining.

Conrad T (nl) wrote: Garbage movie played by big names.