The ship Kaijin Maru is left adrift after losing all means of navigation in a storm. The four people on the ship are becoming increasingly desperate as food and water run out.

The ship Kaijin Maru is left adrift after losing all means of navigation in a storm. The four people on the ship are becoming increasingly desperate as food and water run out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin F (ca) wrote: As somebody who is a huge fan and devoted follower of the original Clannad visual novel and TV series, I was very let down by this feature film adaptation of the story. Trying to squeeze what was later adapted into 49 episodes worth of material into a meager 90 minutes is executed here about as well as you'd expect it to be; major plot elements are either edited severely or cut out wholesale, and some key characters from the original don't even make so much as a cameo appearance (Kotomi only got off easy with two brief shots of her conducting a choir). The animation is ugly-looking and the music is no better, and the Japanese actor for Tomoya does not fit at all. If you want to experience the Story of Clannad, watch the two TV anime seasons or go play the visual novel. Just steer clear of this film.

Steven Mogi (it) wrote: This one really surprised me. Within the first few minutes, I came pretty close to stopping it and picking a different one from Netflix. Calvin was a great character to root for, as he stubbornly keeps trying to make the college baseball team. Having no real athletic skills, he quickly becomes the laughing stock of his peers. The story really develops the three main characters: Calvin, Calvin's coach Doug, and Tori, who plays Calvin's volley-ball-playing romantic interest. The coach really reminded me a lot of my freshman baseball coach, Coach Alvarado. And the chemistry between Calvin and Tori seemed very raw and authentic. I don't think she was smoking hot, but that's exactly how the girls seemed in high school or college. A great movie, which smoothly juggles the baseball, coming-of-age, and romance elements all in one.

Actually B (nl) wrote: Just about as painful as you would expect a documentary in Iraq to be, but with access and imagery that shows great depth. No slant or opinionated narrator, a rarity in this era of the celebrity documentarian.

Dee D (de) wrote: Dont worry fo those in India and Pakistan.. he's not funny here in the US either!! ..seriously..bad boring movie..i do not find his humor..humorous at all..i try to avoid his movies.

Jennifer L (es) wrote: It was a lifetime movie, that's for sure, but it was still well acted.

Mickey M (mx) wrote: "Fingers" (Finster) is a trained monkey who pick pockets unsuspecting victims on the California Boardwalk. He works with "Azro" (Harvey Keitel), who is not nice to the monkey. "Azro" and "Fingers" get hired by a guy who may be a Mob boss who wants to use the monkey's abilities, but the monkey escapes from "Azro" -- after leaving him a "note". "Eva" (Thora Birch) is a young lady from a broken home. She can't stand her younger half-brother, and loves animals. She begs her mother (Mimi Rogers) for a pet, but doesn't get her way -- until "Fingers" comes into her life. And with "Fingers", whom she renames "Dodger" after her favorite professional baseball team, "Azro" is not far behind -- and that's only because he wants his monkey back. This film is more for kids than adults. Kids will get a laugh a lot more at the jokes than the grown-ups, who will probably find the comedic situations pretty predictable. In fact, there could have been more comedic moments in this movie, but there isn't. But the comedic moments is chuckle worthy -- if you are an adult. Most of the adult cast is very underused in this film. There is also little development with the adult characters. The majority of the adults are just there to advance the plot. Now that I think about it, the human cast acted as if they didn't care about putting their best effort into their performances, and were only there to make a quick buck. Out of the entire cast, Finster stands out the most. Birch is the only human who is pretty watchable, and slowly improves her performance as the movie advances. When it comes to wardrobe and scenery, nothing really stands out that much at all. You can pretty much tell what took budget cuts. The cinematography is not good, with the exeption of a fair chase scene. It is pretty obvious that this movie is pretty low budget, and they decided to make what is see a major budget cut. Out of all the wardrobes, Keitel's was the most unique because it was the one with the most worn-in look. In fact, I don't think he changed his outfit at all in this movie. The rest of the cast had wardrobes that didn't stand out. The script is very formulaic. I have seen this movie before, with a different species as the feature animal. I've also seen this plot done much better. If you ask me, only rent this one if you have kids. Or, better yet, plunk your kids down in front of the television if this movie is on HBO or the Free Movie section of On Demand.

Robert L (gb) wrote: In my top ten movies of all time list

Michael L (gb) wrote: an important, landmark film and shoudl be viewed in its own historical context for being one of the first to feature all black cast. i felt the film was a bit sappy, as most minelli films are but the dance sequences were great!

Amanda H (ru) wrote: I had only seen this movie once before, when I was a teenager. I remembered almost nothing about it, but I did remember hating it. I think I appreciated the subtle humor more this time and I enjoyed it for the most part. It's not something I'd want to watch over and over, but I'm glad I gave it another chance.

Robert L (jp) wrote: This movie had potential, especially with Bradley Cooper in top form. But apart from one exception, the rest of the film is so predictable and "been there done that" that it stops it from being anything more than an enjoyable couple of hours that you won't remember the following day.