Human Resources Documentary

Human Resources Documentary

Human Resources is a documentary about Social Control, examining the history, the philosophy and ultimately the pathology of elite power.

Human Resources is a documentary about Social Control, examining the history, the philosophy and ultimately the pathology of elite power. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samiha H (mx) wrote: fun with perfection!

Jocey D (au) wrote: Great cast. Convoluted story line. Complicated. Pointless. Continuity gaps. Leaves you wondering the entire movie. Stupid movie. Lame ending but it explains it.

joshua j (gb) wrote: awesome. new material mixed with old just super funny.

Josh B (br) wrote: Really . . . not that interesting . . . well except to the film makers who have clearly invested their lives on the subject.

cli o (mx) wrote: ehh. . . . no thanks

William C (gb) wrote: Excellent! Funny in a dark, subtle way... though not devoid of a few belly laughs too... surreal, but not to the point of abstraction, thankfully. Definitely worth a watch!

Samson C (it) wrote: this one is better then the first, IMHO. The first movie was partially about revenge. While this one is actually a modern day 'Robin Hood' story. The only character that ticked me off was 'Lam Hay Lui''s character. I honestly don't see why it was necessary to have her breast rub Lau Ching Wan. Obviously he was not attracted to her. :pNot to mention, I would call her yelling scenes to be another one of 'Scene of Over acting' along with Will Shatner.I love several scenes, the Bike scene where someone mentioned here, the 'fake money' scene, flying out of a police station.. that's cool!

Steve L (br) wrote: Very nice movie about a gay artist and the people around him. I loved the way everyone in the small town accepted everyone. It really is a fantasy place. Pike's character was amazing. He was so warm and caring.

Julian M (br) wrote: originally a play...zoot suit gets three and half stars because of its importance to chicano history...a must see if you are mexican or american..not as good or as entertaning as american me..but more significant to truly understand how the culture lead to lifestyle as shown in american high school all members of mexican american student organizations had to watch movie or play...later stand and deliver the movie came along..but san gabriel high school district was still not allowing chicanos their true american rights at some if you live in southern california or in any state where chicanos remember their roots watch this movie along with rape scene in movie american me....and you will better understand people and culture where eddie olmos comes from and or likes as the golden boy of boxing or tito ortiz ...or George lopez..or maybe chavez?..whas the west ever part of mexico?...remember the alamo?...whatch this movie ...and sorry for misspelling of thier..or any words here..

Jordan J (ag) wrote: Just like the first movie, this movie is great. This is a great movie everyone will love and makes a great Christmas classic. A+

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Roger P (au) wrote: Deeply flawed script leading to nowhere. Emotionless offering. Pacino plays the same character in everything. Sad to see a once talented star descend to has been status.