Humanity's End

Humanity's End

The year is 3313. Mankind is being systematically massacred throughout the galaxy by an invading species. All hope is lost until the last strand of pure human DNA is found on a remote planet in the far reaches of the galaxy. Now, an epic battle will be waged across time and space to save and protect the last of the human race.

The last man in the universe is hunted down by a hybrid race known as the Nephilim. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Humanity's End torrent reviews

Hugo G (mx) wrote: 6.5/10~March 3, 2017~

Private U (kr) wrote: I loved it as a child but on re-watching it i find myself disappointed. I give it an extra star for prosperity

Noname (kr) wrote: This movie was much like Wrong Turn and other similar movies but not quite as violent and gory though. Story takes place in the mountains where a young couple bump into a strange weird family.. I like this type of movies and this flick was decent and well worth seeing actually.

Kati M (br) wrote: I just didn't like this one. The second of the series would have to be my favorite but this one was just 'eh'. None of the characters, excluding Debbie Reynolds, were the same and it just didn't have the same feel as the others did.

Jamie M (it) wrote: Amazing acting from all parts! ood movie, I agree about the weak ending. How do you go back to your life as if nothing happened? I mean, I'd sue the damn country!!!!!!!

J W (es) wrote: This movie is not a great western, but it is better than it's ratings, and worth watching.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Very well-done historical tale surrounding the potential mystery regarding Napoleon's death. Though it turned a bit too "whodunit" in the middle, the ending brought the movie back to what it did best - atmosphere - with it's beautiful music and directing.

Matt J (br) wrote: This is just another movie in which David Cross proves that he is a magnificent actor who can fit into any roll he is given. On top of that, Bob Odenkirk gives us his famous British accent and goofy mannerisms. The movie takes a harsh nose-dive near the end, however. Every time I watch it, all I can think of is that Bob and David must have had a bunch of ideas for things they wanted to include, but had no idea how to include them, so they crammed these ideas into the last half-hour. Tied around a series of homages to Mr. Show (the entire premise of the movie coming from an episode in the first season), this movie most definitely keeps your interest and is serious enough to connect with the characters but frivolous enough to not realize that you are connecting with the characters (especially Chow-Chow).

Cresswell S (de) wrote: TOUGH movie about the LAPD SIS division

Andrew L (us) wrote: Great screenstory from John Carpenter with great performances from Dunaway and Jones. Kershner's vision in a way is good but in a way it could've been better since the idea of the film is quite original.

Party Pete C (au) wrote: Horrible little baby monsters, lol

Lori F (fr) wrote: Probably my favorite JW movie! I love him and Maureen O'Hara together, what great chemistry they had!

Andrew G (jp) wrote: There's a reason why this movie is 5 stars on Netflix.

Guilherme N (nl) wrote: Not my kind of idiotic movie

Zoi K (de) wrote: The film is so realistically filmed that touches the line between documetary and fiction film. The story although is really engaging and the young protagonist is a revelation.