A team of several researchers travel to the Swiss Alps to investigate a scientific discovery on human evolution. The trip, however, turns into a deadly fight for survival when the team crash into a gully and find themselves falling prey to someone...or something.

A team of several researchers travel to the Swiss Alps to investigate a scientific discovery on human evolution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ellen G (ca) wrote: Ville ha en koselig og varm film. Denne var litt kald og gr. Men det gikk seg bittelitt til utover mot slutten

Larry Y (jp) wrote: excellent Drunken Fist-style film. also worth checking out if you remember Sylvester Terkay, Horshu/Luther Reigns, and Heidenreich.

Maisam M (us) wrote: Halloween just got weak with this movie.. its shitty...

Eric N (us) wrote: a treat! outstandingly ingenius examination of the events leading to the AFTERMATH of the first film!a must-see for any fan of Infernal Affairs. the end of The Departed was meaningless and was a 15 second scene. with Infernal Affairs we have a brilliant 2 hour movie. people who haven't seen it and consider themselves above average intelligence are really missing out.

Corey L (jp) wrote: Bats are totally scary and deserve their own horror film. I mean seriously they could bite you. Then, you would get rabies. Then, in like a year you would start showing signs of it. Then, you would fall into a bat cave, and like the bat poop is bad for your lungs or something...right?

Joona L (jp) wrote: underrated. a nice love story.

Chris H (us) wrote: It's watchable, but it's really dumb. Bruce Willis just can't act, I'm convinced. Every little thing is made to be a really big deal by a really bad actor.

Andrew S (gb) wrote: Hilarious parodies, brilliant script and all round fun. A romantic comedy I enjoyed.

JJ J (ca) wrote: I just can't stop looking at Anne Ramsey. Funny weird movie.

Jr M (es) wrote: "I'm too old for this shit..." No, Mr Glover: you're never too old for this and it certainly isn't shit. "Riggs!"

Robert L (it) wrote: I like this movie...

Desmon F (es) wrote: one of my FAVORITE movies. Definitely in my Top Ten!

Nicholas A (au) wrote: Blow Up - Txt Speak Remix

Rachael S (it) wrote: Gives a very insightful look into the moral implications and decision making process that goes into killing terrorists with drones. The scenario was too obvious and over done. But it made its point well. There are no easy decisions to be made when lives are at stake. It raises the question of does the end justify the means? Is it morally or politically justified to kill a few to save many? My first answer would be yes. But what if my son was one of those few who was collateral damage? I would certainly say no then. This movie is a good conversation starter and asks questions for which there are no easy answers.