Humans Versus Zombies

Humans Versus Zombies

Dark Comedy and Horror unite in this satirical thriller based on the "Live Action Role-Playing" game of the same name. Students on summer break are exposed to a deadly virus that is spread ...

Dark Comedy and Horror unite in this satirical thriller based on the "Live Action Role-Playing" game of the same name. Students on summer break are exposed to a deadly virus that is spread ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenneth Y (ag) wrote: I have long time not watched any poetic movies, and this is the one I re-met! What is culture & tradition in fact? It's neither just only something ritual, nor some modes or ways you live out. It's the witness of your existence, in the sense of love and hopes.

Anoop P (it) wrote: Not bad for a one time watch.. Doesn't get boring.. Out of the songs, I loved 'Sham' the most..

Timothy F (gb) wrote: The use of interwoven stories to focus on the loneliness and sadness of the characters is quite effective, and the acting is excellent on all levels. While this could have tipped into cliche rather easily, the plot remains properly focused on the women and their emotional intensity.

bryan w (ca) wrote: Only redeeming quality is Zooey

Paul D (fr) wrote: Slightly over complex political satire, too many characters to make a simple plot highly evolved.

Marty F (fr) wrote: I thought this was the one with Matt Damon, but then it was not... shocking! lol... The plot wasnt too bad, although a lil lame, but the ending was totally crappy again, omg...

Adam B (us) wrote: I absolutely love this movie. Jack Black was born for this role

Sean C (au) wrote: John Hannah usually gets on my tit, his overegging in the Mummy movies is the nearest thing to someone scratching down a blackboard. Here though he is surprisingly watchable. Bernard Hill is always good value and compliments Hannah's decent turn. The film gets a little arty with its symbolism however it remains viewable and is an ok watch for those a little tired with the mainstream.

Brad G (ru) wrote: "Insanity is a sorry thing." After his Indian bride dies during childbirth, River Phoenix goes mad with grief refusing to bury his love; he stands guard over the elements hollering at the wildlife and possibly communicating with the dead. His father, Richard Harris travels to the medicine show where he originally bought the squaw for three horses and attempts to barter for Alan Bates' other halfbreed daughter. Things get freakier from there. Silent Tongue is an excellent Weird Western from playwright Sam Shepard that stands on its varied performances and rich dialog. River Phoenix died just months before it's Sundance premiere and it only took in a few thousand dollars at the box office. If you're looking for something different in the genre look no further. VF.

William R (fr) wrote: A terrific script, performance from Harrison Ford and the example of a terrific court room thriller drama

w k (jp) wrote: a suspence for the whole family

Jose L (ca) wrote: What up my ninja ? I remember this movie being a lot better when I was 9, what a cheesy action film.

Ben M (kr) wrote: Clint Eastwood was always a bit gruff he really started to show it with roles like this.

Karin R (fr) wrote: Well, I've finally seen it. The music is all that matters, right? The musical performances are great. I love Morris Day and the Time numbers and funny bits.... but that's about it.

Scott C (kr) wrote: Amitabh Bachan is always fun to watch, although he's made much better films.

Andrew B (kr) wrote: A movie about the inability of humans to truly relate to each other, or maybe more importantly our inability to relate the lack of relatability to each other through art. Absolutely genius.

Zachary S (kr) wrote: Never before have I seen a movie that dealt to me such anxiety and relief. Would recommend 10/10.

stefano l (ru) wrote: I rarely give less than one star because come on, 1 is low enough. But in this case I must make one of the few exceptions tu this "rule" because the movie is so bad in every possible part of it that trying to be kind with it would be too much to bear. I only want to point out the terrible acting from most of the actors, but especially from Rhona Mitra (in the very few scenes in which she is on screen) and Karl Urban. Karl Urban really needs the biggest blame of them all!! For 2 hours, in every damn sceen he acts is, he just has a gaze like: "ehi, Look how cool I am". He looks in the camera and has that gaze, in every moment of the movie. It's something so annoying that only for itself this movie deserves a really bad mark. But then, luckily enough, everything else is terrible as well so I don't even need to explain my choice too much.