Humboldt County

A disillusioned medical student is stranded for a summer in a remote community of counterculture pot farmers, the last place in the world he imagined he would discover himself.

A disillusioned medical student is stranded for a summer in a remote community of counterculture pot farmers, the last place in the world he imagined he would discover himself

Humboldt County is the best new movie of Darren Grodsky, Danny Jacobs. This movie was introduced in 2008. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, for example Jeremy Strong, Fairuza Balk, Peter Bogdanovich, Vicky Monroe, Tarek Zohdy, Lawrence Bridges, John Murdock, Lenny Pettinelli, B. Swislo, Brad Dourif, Frances Conroy, Madison Davenport, Chris Messina, Geoffrey Robinson, Darren Grodsky. The kind of movie are Drama. The rating is 6.4 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie to watch. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

addiena i (nl)

cellent!. One of the best road trip & father-son bonding movie that I have ever watched. . Especially if you share the same religious believe. Really captivating till the end. A grand movie about a grand voyage

Anastasia B (nl)

wesome!. What really shines through, though, is not the story, or the characters, but Robert Siodmak's great eye, from the interplay of shadows on the wall of Steve's favorite hangout pub, to the last second of the film, a tableu vivant of the two protagonists entangled in death, just like they did in life. Criss-Cross is excellent on every technical aspect, has a story that's interesting enough, and so much star material that anyone can still sit down and watch it today, 63 years after it was originally conceived

Iris T (it)

The real cast is Kevin Zegers, Kaley Cucoo, and Nick Carter

Kevin M (nl)

Recommended by; Garry

Lotti K (fr)

Fairly mediocre "horror movie" that isn't remotely horrifying, and whose Sixth Sense-ish twist you can see coming from a mile away

Meredith W (ca)

Alex Dimitriades is a real highlight, as Ruben's hard-living gay friend from uni days. As both first film and stage adaptation, this work from Brendan Cowell, stands up, thanks to its backing from Destination NSW (the waterside Sydney shots are glorious). And in this, the comedy makes some important comments on mateship and male interaction, as well as Australia's drinking culture, without being overly preachy. Despite his hedonistic lifestyle it is easy to sympathise with Ruben given how his progress is hampered by friends, colleagues and even his family. But he is an alcoholic and so his fiance Zoya (Abbey Lee) leaves him with instruction that if he can be sober for a year, she'll give him another chance. Life is good for ad man Ruben Guthrie (Patrick Brammall) - he leads a party boy lifestyle, has a model fiance and lives in a house on the water

Randy P (nl)

Very entertaining, though a little silly

Travis H (it)

i'm on the toilet for an hour

Will M (au)

The play within the movie is convincing and original. I'd need to see this again to know whether it is truly as thought-provoking and coherent as it seemed on first viewing. I usually hate movies like this, with a clear message and symbolism, but this was done with such a light touch, such good sense, that I really enjoyed it