Woman is raped at cocktail party. Years later, her son grows up to be a big hairy murderous monster who stalks a group of teens shipwrecked on his island.

Woman is raped at cocktail party. Years later, her son grows up to be a big hairy murderous monster who stalks a group of teens shipwrecked on his island. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harry W (ca) wrote: Piranha 3DD can clearly not be a film with a chance if being as good as its predecessor, and Piranha 3D was a satire on modern horror films and the idiocracy of modern youth. And frankly, satire needs no sequel.The plot dynamics seem less half-assed in their construction than in Piranha 3D, and the script is frankly too insulting and unintelligent that it diverts Piranha 3DD from satire to being a self-parody with lame jokes and the only laugh coming from an inside joke between me and friends that coincidentally occurred at a low point in the script. Although the script is already low enough, it sinks lower. So low that the piranhas might as well tear it up for invading their below-earth caverns.And another problem is the incessant waiting that it takes until the "climactic" final moment. Piranha 3D recognised that it was ideal for the action to start big and to continue on that path, but instead in Piranha 3DD there is small scaled failed attempts at thrills until 53 minutes in when the scale makes its overdue jump to what is at best a medium scale gore fest which constantly ignores and forgets about what is happening to the point that things have apparently stopped occurring. Piranha 3DD acts like it doesn't take itself seriously but on the surface it unintentionally attempts to establish an atmosphere that actually does, proving to be the film's major downfall.Piranha 3DD is merely painful to watch, not because of its horror, but because it is horrible. The first 36 minutes feel like they've run for twice that long since the plotting is full and directionless thanks to John Gulager's lack of job as director who in his best attempts to work with a $5 Million budget merely ends up with a film that is terribly cheap and utterly stupid with significantly less entertainment value than its predecessor, as well as less tits, rendering the tentative titled Piranha 3DD misleading. Basically, the scale for this film is too small and its utterly so stupid that it ends up with the qualities of a Sci Fi Channel low-budget horror movie that happens to have been filmed in 3D. Alas, this misleads viewers to think it may be somewhat better than the expect. This is a reason that people should follow their instincts.Although, certain scenes in Piranha 3DD are reminiscent of the original 1978 Joe Dante film Piranha which started the whole legacy which spawned Piranha 3D and this sequel to it which was decent. And some of the celebrity cameos weren't half bad, such as Gary Busey, David Hasselhoff, Christopher Lloyd and badass Ving Rhames.Plus, Danielle Panabaker was a decent lead actress in Piranha 3DD.But to put it simply, the D's in Piranha 3DD stand for dumbfounded and disastrous. Times 3.

Sara M (es) wrote: This movie changed my life!!! Definitely worth it!!!

Mon K (kr) wrote: Surprisingly enjoyable!

Alisha G (ag) wrote: This movie i want to show to my younger well as elders.....

Shemar M (mx) wrote: A Jamaican classic! Love this movie. Even with the low-quality production and streaky plot.

Jerry F (ca) wrote: Ok, so it's cheesy, but a nice little love story. Jennifer Lopez is the best actor here.

Omar I (ca) wrote: well told story of the founders of the 2 biggest software companies

Nicholas E (fr) wrote: TV MOVIE **1/2 Poor Kathleen Beller thinks she's crazy when a ouija board tells her someone was murdered in her apartment. Turns out she is kind of crazy! Good Brad Fiedel score. ABC 2/21/1985

David L (kr) wrote: A real good work of craftmanship, JBD surpasses the usual slasher with it's beautiful cinematography and wonderful mountain/forest-locations. Plus we get a nice twist and a really disturbingly freakish killer.

Josh B Taylor (nl) wrote: A good horror film from AMICUS productions. Something different other than their awesome Anthology movies

Julian L (gb) wrote: i'd be chastised for not called this a rubbish movie but hey a B movie is supposed to be a B movie. If it didn't have porno acting, intermittent film cuts, parodies and sugar tits, then it would have failed miserably. call a spade a spade; this is a B movie and don't compare it with hollywood fanfare.