A classical musician from the slums is sidetracked by his love for a wealthy, neurotic socialite.

A classical musician from the slums is sidetracked by his love for a wealthy, neurotic socialite. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Humoresque torrent reviews

Ahmad J (ru) wrote: Very cute movie! "Marco" from Degrassi happens to be starring in it as well.

Matthew V (kr) wrote: This film is one of many of direct-to-video films that action superstar Steven Seagal has released. And it's undoubtly the worst film he has ever released, direct or theatrically. Seagal himself is barely in the film yet his name is above the title and he is billed as the main character. But the film itself isn't even centered around him whatsoever. The storyline itself is weak and has pretty much been used already. It's pretty much just a group of people running back and forth in a hospital trying to find a way out and trying not to get eaten by creatures that are neither vampires nor the undead. It is pretty much a waste of money and 94 minutes I will never get back. The acting makes you sick. Just a bad movie.

Michael A (br) wrote: Should be called Still Not Funny

Barry H (it) wrote: Good all round film with some extremely funny bits involving animals!

Ithak N (es) wrote: Weepy with lots comedy moments from the butler. A great performance by Amitabh Bachchan.

Zachary S (au) wrote: Another fantastic film from Jia Zhang-Ke. I still think Platform is his best work though.

peter h (ru) wrote: In 1972 cult hero and gore in film pioneer Herschel Gordon Lewis ended his movie making career after a long line of bizarre, horrible, silly and just plain bad low budget exploitation films. Herschel when on to different things after his final film THE GORE GORE GIRLS (1972) was realised, the reason Herschel left making graphic films was due to the new wake of many indie film makers were starting to make more graphic gore films. Until that point Herschel had a decade long run in the 1960's unopposed in the gore and splatter film business due to no one else was making movies that graphic. In fact his entire career had been based upon the fact no one was making films like him, with movies like the screw ball sex comedy THE ADVENTURES OF LUCKY PIERRE (1960) other film makers were not combining sex and comedy in one picture, and of course with BLOOD FEAST (1963) no one had ever produce a film that graphic before. Until now, his long gory strangle hold in the gore businesses hold was shattered by many other filmmakers so Herschel ended his career in the exploitation business. That was until the year 2002 when he and old time partner David .F. Friedman returned with a straight to DVD sequel of BLOOD FEAST tilted BLOOD FEAST 2: ALL U CAN EAT. So the million dollar question is, after a 30 year absences in the industry did Herschel improve on his non existence film making skills? Really dose a leopard change its spots, would of Hitchcock stop doing great thrillers if he had taken a 30 year break or hell would Uwe Boll ever make anything Oscar worthy , the answer is No and with good old Herschel the answer is no, he hasn't changed one bit . So what is the sequel of the world's first gore film like? On the same level as the original but with the addition of female nudity and comedy, hell Herschel's old business partner David .F. Friedman is the executive producer. So like the original BLOOD FEAST and the other two Blood Trilogy films (TWO THOUSAND MANIACS and COLOUR ME BLOOD RED) Lewis and Friedman reprise their original duties expect for the writing of this film, Lewis and Friedman did not write this one, No a screen writer called W .Boyd. Ford was responsible for the story on this one. Ok time to look at the film its self, the movie open on two Bums in an ally way for no reason stabbing and killing each other just before the opening credits (already I knew what to expect with HGL). After the main credits a car stops outside the desired and long boarded up store of the late Fuad Ramses called RAMSES EXTOTIC CATERING. It turns out that Fuad Ramses the 3 rd has inherited the long closed building, when detective Myers enters asks Fuad about the killings of the bums behind his new business, but since Fuad has just arrive he isn't aware of this. After Myers has left Fuad discovers the statute of Ishtar and becomes automatically enslaved to the blood thirsty goddess, now like his granddaddy he is now on the hunt for young sexy females to decapitate and cook for the godess, but this time the cast actally eat the remain of the girls in finger sandwiches and other things. And like the first Blood Feast the unsuspecting hosts this time are detective Myers and his fiancee wedding reception that will cater to the blood feast. Meanwhile Myers and his boss detective Loomis (yes the names are taken from Halloween) investigate the strange case of the fiancee's bridesmaids being brutally murder and decapitated. Overall Blood Feast 2 like the original has massive flaws like poor direction from Lewis, shit and I mean shit acting from the cast, and piss poor scripting plus in this films case continuity issues , weird musical score ( like the word Satan repeated constantly) , pathetic humour , and tones of unneeded female nudity makes this film seem bad like the first. Hell in parts I didn't know if I was watching a gore film, a horror comedy or hell even a soft core porn film with the random lingerie party and the lesbian love scene between two of the brides maids before fuad kills one of them. It's stupid and bad but at the same time bloody entertaining to watch this latest effort from Herschel GOREdon Lewis. Oh I forgot to mention the Gore is so well done, pure old school techniques are used and the result it not only captures the spirit of the old gore films of the director but gore wise it's a vast improvement on every gore HGL has made , hell I was a little grossed out by the gore . overall rating 6/10 same as the original but more entertaining and enjoyable .

RB S (br) wrote: martin short is genius

Doreen P (au) wrote: it just doesnt matter whom u fall in love with! all that matters that u're in love. i mean how many time that could happen

Russell G (au) wrote: A third installment of the Leprechaun franchise was unnecessary to say the least. Our not so favorite little green guy is back with absolutely no explanation of how he is alive again or how he came to Las Vegas. There is an unexplained magical medallion in the mix that only adds confusion to the story. For the first time the series begins to incorporate the concept of granting wishes. It seems odd the wishes come from possessing a coin, rather than the leprechaun himself granting the wishes. Once again the acting is atrocious and the plot is flimsy. Luckily this is the first movie in the series that acknowledges that these are bad movies and comes off as more humorous than anything. I appreciated how they celebrated the cheesiness with more jokes and a lighter mood. Even though they embrace the humorous side this is still a poorly made movie and not a good investment of time.

Evan H (it) wrote: this movie is twisted and I doubt it's supposed to be taken seriously!

Matt B (mx) wrote: It's a little slow, but Palo Alto sticks with you. The cinematography is GORGEOUS and the performances sublime. Gia Coppola's high school drama accurately captures disillusioned youths and the trouble they get into.

Eric F (de) wrote: Not very funny at all and the story was very forgettable. Very few parts were enjoyable.

Noname (gb) wrote: A movie based from the comic book "The Spirit" a hero fighting the crime. A pretty dark movie and reminds me of Sin City / Batman in a way. It has action / fantasy and a bit of comedy style aswell. There are a few famous faces like Samuel L Jackson , Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes. The movie are very well made and its visually stunning with nice dark enviroments. Story on average level , could have been better and more action. In the end its a decent movie for this genre. It can't compete with the big movies but well worth a closer look.

Dan P (ag) wrote: Brutal start to the movie but once it gets going it isn't too bad. Very poorly acted all the way round to make the story unconvincing. The plot is decent so too bad it was wasted.

Nick B (fr) wrote: What a piece of shit, just a really bad movie in ever way. It was pretty cool seeing Edge and I thought he was a pretty decent actor but the scirpt was so poor, you think WWE would have enough money to hire some decent writers. There was no action in this movie, I thought thats what we would get from a movie starring edge.

Blane S (de) wrote: great Bronson movie.

Erika O (es) wrote: Mitzi gaynor preciosa..y de verdad esa Monroe..para nada..meh ..mas mala actuando ahi!