A disgraced Indian air force officer impersonates a look-alike Chinese spy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:Hindi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Humsaya 1968 full movies, Humsaya torrents movie

A disgraced Indian air force officer impersonates a look-alike Chinese spy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron R (ag) wrote: this movie has tons of badass action and tons of blood and gore, and the only way to see it is the uncut version since anything uncut is always better :-)

Zachery W (ca) wrote: This movie would be better, if John Travolta was not in it.

oxana (kr) wrote: From the very beginning, this movie is an unfunny joke. The overall mood is light, the plot on the dangerous side of ridiculous, the actors are over-acting, which makes it all feel like one big farce.This movie also has the cheapest special effects I've seen in any recently made movie. Had the plot been anything close to decent, that may have been tolerable...There is a story: a group of kids hunting for monsters that aren't real. It is left a bit unclear whether they actually believe in said monsters before they discover an actual troll from their favorite card game.All in all the movie was a big joke, and a pain to watch. Good thing it wasn't longer than one and half hours. Maybe the kids will find something alluring in the shallow, ridiculous form of acting, but for me, this was a huge disappointment. Not that I expected much to begin with.

Pat F (ru) wrote: Feel good movies about an older couple...but wait, it is much more. You will find it is much more than it seems. Don't want to give a spoiler but definitely worth watching to he end. It will have much deeper meaning than at first glance. Great job of giving a great foundation for the surprise ending Terrific acting by all stars.

Craig Patrick M (de) wrote: Found this very interesting. Music should be about real life situations and not always about love and what not.

Yayo U (br) wrote: When I do not want to do anything, watching this film is nice. It is funny.

Lilian W (it) wrote: This might not have been that enjoyable if Gwyneth Paltrow wasn't starring in it.

Angie I (jp) wrote: Perspective is a funny thing ain't it. I had some time to kill, the movie was free and I thought it was entertaining. Even when the story became obvious, I was still along for the ride. Would I feel that way if I paid? I liked the special effects and I thought Frank Langella was good. I seem to remember Edward Furlong being a better actor. Maybe it's just that Terminator 2 was a better movie. T. Ryder Smith was good as Trickster but maybe playing the devil is a really easy gig.

Tim W (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this cheezy, lively, cartoony action movie. Sure the tone(s) was horribly mixed up, and the plot was thin, and it was weird and stupid, but how can you hate it? It's like an entertaining self-parody. Maybe it was supposed to be cheezy and cliche and meta; that's how clever it was! No? Ok so it was crap. But I still enjoyed it.

Gregory S (us) wrote: I could not help but laugh my ass off at the idea of this movie

Julius G (ag) wrote: What a different comedy movie. This was very funny movie. But at points it was a bit over the top serius and the chemistry between Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart was ok I guess. Kristen Stewart was a bit distracting because she acted as she acts in twilight and thats wooden no emotions whats so ever i think that's such a poor casting choice that ruined the movie the scene where she screams at Paige Carlyle Howardscharacter was like what are you doing just stop. And stop touching your hair in every movie but in her defense she was funny at times. Jesse Eisenberg was great in the movie super funny. Ryan Reynolds,Margarita Levieva, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and Martin Starr where very funny and delivered good performances. The story itself was a bit messy and unnecessary deep but for what they were going for i guess it worked. So i had a good time watching this movie

Joshua L (de) wrote: This film works as a good political/economics allegory. Its very talky but interesting and what violence there is, is brutal and very stylish. After watching it again, I felt the need to state how really well performed it is too. Everything is subtle and nuanced.

Robert M (jp) wrote: Pretty decent comedy in slight relation to George Romero's classic. Simon Pegg is a funny enough actor keeping his character as funny and interesting throughout the entire film. While I wouldn't consider it an instant classic, it is still a fairly entertaining British horror comedy that starts it's laughs officially in the mid-beginning with a pretty insane amount of zombie humor until the near end. The repeated planning scene in the middle of the film was an outrageous one. Overall, the movie has good wit, decent charm, and an unpredictable enough plot. No doubt the characters were catching enough during the film as well.

Mique W (ru) wrote: An insightful and beautifully shot film about a couple that goes through great lengths to make things work -- it's uniquely daring in how it explores dominance and passiveness and, how the concept of a mundane relationship can be morphed into something dangerous yet, also allow room for hope and forgiveness.

Irene S (jp) wrote: excellent movie about a young pianist who is diagnosed with ALS and how a young coolege student ends up not only being her caretaker but also a true friend she so desperately needed until the end.