Hun hun tian tuan

Hun hun tian tuan


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Mandarin,Min Nan
  • Reference:Imdb
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Hun hun tian tuan torrent reviews

Marc G (ru) wrote: The closest thing I can say this film resembles is your first shit after a long drought of constipation. Stay with me, now. After days, weeks, hell even years of almosts and false hopes, you finally let it go.. and oh boy, does it feel good. This film is that shit. OK. Maybe it isn't.. but this film is still an awesome find that any fan of Martial Arts film NEEDS to see. A needle in a haystack of other, dirtier, not as good needles. A unique snowflake, if you will. While LOW-budget, extremely low, you need to look past that. Yes, I said look past it. Stop crying. This isn't a glossy film. It's shot with a camera.. but who the hell cares how it looks when the content is just that good? With awesome fight choreography (I'll repeat: awesome) and a hell of a lot of laughs. This flick gets a high, high... HIGH recommendation from moi.

Sara A (mx) wrote: love to see it again

Alvin Y (ag) wrote: A modern Night of the Hunter with a twist of a Charles Dickens tale and a Mark Twain. Exceptional direction & photography, brilliant cinematography, mesmerizing performances. To me, it's not a boring film, I don't know why people say that?

Austin G (au) wrote: I love laughing at the faults of old crappy movies. If you do too than you might enjoy this one!

Cristbal S (ag) wrote: Funny and with an enchanting cast , "10 Things" is predictable and nothing new, but a great teen movie in the end.

Daniel R (us) wrote: If you are looking for a quality and intriguing plot, this isn't where you will find it but it made me laugh real good

Larry Y (kr) wrote: adding to watchlist based on Joe Bob Briggs' recommendation

Brad S (nl) wrote: To me, it's just the perfect movie for what it's trying to be. Taking place on the last day of school in 1976, it follows several characters along as they contemplate what's next. Featuring a ton of future stars including of course Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Parker Posey, Joey Lauren Adams, Cole Hauser, Milla Jovovich, Adam Goldberg, Rory Cochrane and more. It also has a killer soundtrack. Check it out!

Brett A (nl) wrote: One of my favourite fire fighter flicks. Worth watching

Orlok W (us) wrote: Retarded but Fun Horror Junk Food--An old school 80's classick!!

Jacob D (au) wrote: This is my favourite action movie ever put on screen, from the first fight scene, to the chilled monkey brains, to the last four action scenes this movie is phenomenal.

Tim M (nl) wrote: Yes, "Caligula" is a disgusting, depraved, immoral, reprehensible, vile movie, but was not Rome all of this and more?

Daniel P (gb) wrote: A classic that oozes the Mississippi heat from every pore; brilliantly paced and fabulously acted piece that has stood the test of time.

Indira S (br) wrote: love everything bout this movie, great performances by the casts. well done really

Konrad A (mx) wrote: I think Adam sander and Kevin James do good in movies but this movie was inappropriate with humor

Four Star F (jp) wrote: Starring a cast including Roddy McDowell, Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O'Hara, and Donald Crisp, with director John Ford, the film is told from the eyes of a young boy (McDowell) from a Welsh mining family. Huw has five older brothers, an older sister, and two strong but goodhearted parents. As times get tougher, he sees one brother get married and two others leave for America. Huw faces his own struggles recuperating from an injury and surviving his schooling. Along the way he is aided by the kindly preacher (Pidgeon). However, soon he sees his family torn apart even more when his sister is unhappily married off, a brother is killed, and two others lose their jobs. Then, finally when his sister returns, the town folk start a scandal, and Mr. Morgan becomes trapped in the mine. It does end on a good not and the family stays resilient. This film is full of adversity but more importantly it has warmth and good people. The camera work is excellent and the Welsh singing is memorable.