• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1944
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Hundstage 1944 full movies, Hundstage torrents movie

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Hundstage torrent reviews

Johnny W (mx) wrote: 'Boyz N The Hood' meets the Dirty South. A great film debut by newcomers T. I., Lauren London, Big Boi amd Evan Ross.

Andy F (de) wrote: It's A Christmas Carol but by no means the best version. The cast are great and the animation is simplistic yet effective. The two mice are thrown in for the youngsters and this version covers some unfamiliar territory. For Christmas Eve only!

Jim C (de) wrote: I've had such a tremendous run of luck with foreign and independent films from Netflix. I wasn't really sure what 'Borstal Boy' was about and I picked it more for the length of the film than for any other reason because I had only an hour and a half before I needed to be doing something else. What a well spent 90 minutes it turned out to be. The British have an inimitable way with drama; we Americans don't have a horse in that race when we're up against them and this movie proves it. You sensed from the very first scenes that it was going to be a good movie, but the latrine scene with the boys, Brendan Behan and Charlie Milwall played by Shawn Hatosy and Danny Dyer respectively, gave you a sense that there would be no histrionics, no bleeding pathos here. What you knew was that there would be fine acting ahead. I greatly admire Peter Sheridan's direction, especially given the topic - he could have taken it over the top, but he kept the keel even. We Americans, even we gay Americans, sometimes shy away from bringing a gay scene into a situation but the British don't bat an eye and lay everything out for everyone to see. That's a good approach and 'Borstal Boy' proves it. That the story was true does nothing to remove the art from it, and that it was artfully played doesn't diminish the truth. I very highly recommend this movie, to both my gay, and my straight friends.

Bill B (it) wrote: A watchable (if possibly forgettable) stranger in a strange land slasher set among an Amish-styled sect, this one is filled with odd plotting and a few memorable kills as Ernest Borgnine's beard really steals the show.Rental? Just don't expect too much.

Lorna T (jp) wrote: Jaw dropping sexism!!

Kenny V (es) wrote: Such a disappointment

Cathy C (es) wrote: Disney has animated TomorrowLand in a good way( not like the 2015 version). It is the perfect way to see the future. Review by Logan Cornn.

Issac C (br) wrote: A very fun and enjoyable family movie that had some whimsical and fun acting and action, fun movie overall.

Toni S (mx) wrote: Captures the rise of television as part of the political-industrial complex in a way that few are able to see clearly now.

Natalie B (mx) wrote: a bit slow moving, but ok for home viewing. wouldn't want to pay for a ticket at the movies.