Hunted by Night

Hunted by Night

Three men are hunting when an airplane drops bails of drugs on the ground in their vicinity. The men must decide whether to be law-abiding citizens and report the drugs or take the drugs and sell them for millions of dollars. Various opportunities present themselves to the hunters for them to leave the drugs behind and make off with their lives. This creates conflicts between the two protagonists, Brandon and Jose...The third hunter, Peter, has little will of his own. He usually agrees with Jose who is the more insistent of the two. The lure of easy money entices the hunters into an action packed adventure as drug dealers - led by Paco... Written by Juan C. Bofill

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:battle,   chase,   gunfight,  

An intriguing story of good, evil and the supernatural. The Story takes place in the Florida Everglades. Three men are hunting when an airplane drops bails of drugs on the ground where they... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JL F (de) wrote: This documentary captures a world widely unknown. Combining itself with the suspense of watching live sport. The lives of these people have been shown in a slightly bias way, but you forgive the film by the end because of it's sublime storytelling.

Diganta B (ca) wrote: An intriguing examination of female worship, treatment, treachery and heal.

mahdi h (br) wrote: one of best iranian movies of recent years which i enjoyed alot and bothered myself going to the theatre to watch it twice and believe me that doesn`t happen that much.anyway the 3 main character`s performance are outstanding and the level of social movie standards is way too high......! so if u had the chance for watching a social drama don`t miss it cause u have missed BIG!

George M (au) wrote: I just really loved it.

Sean D (de) wrote: The first question that I have to ask is why is there 3 movies in the series? It should have been axed after the first film, regardless of the clich, cliffhanger ending. The film pays tribute to a lot of other films, or spoofs them....depending on how you look at it! The film is very awkward and I don't even understand what they were trying to go for with the plot, it just ended up seeming so empty and dragged out. Robert Englund's role is unfortunately very short-lived. I have to note the big problem, the stupid inbred Hills Have Eyes / Texas Chainsaw plot did nothing for me and I'm sure it won't do anything for you as well!

Palwinder s (au) wrote: i love this movie because Salman Khane is in it and it always ROCK because he is the best and because PrettyZintia is in it to.......

Timothy F (nl) wrote: A young gay guy comes to terms with his sexuality...all in the mid 80's.....loved it..great soundtrack and not one of those corny scripts to kill it on arrival....

Bill M (br) wrote: This is a truly strange and unique little movie, on the surface (and this movie is all surface really) nothing much works, the acting is really uneven, the accents are terrible ( thank you, movie people, for never allowing an american accent to come out of Ewan McGregor's mouth again) and it even seems to get the era of music a bit wrong, this feels more 80's new wave than 70's glam rock, although the movie is really capturing an entire time (the mid 60's through to the early 80's) but alot of it feels misguided and confused, especially in regards to what the movie is trying to actually say, if anything, about it's subject, there is a view to be had that it's a haunting, faded, fever dream recollection of a lost time of music, rather than a conventional biopic/ period tale, it's a kind of drugged up fairy tale, rise and fall of a star, detective story as well. Weather there's any real subject matter here to be had, this is still an absolutely fascinating film, experimental and feverish, visually fantastic and very unconventional a look at how quickly things that are in become passe, forgotten, it is then, possibly a eulogy on a lost time in music history that happened and moved on too quick for some, certainly director Todd Haynes, there's a sad, bittersweet quality to it all that lingers after. Other things that linger in the mind, McGregor bumming Christian Bale, a strange sight.

Amy W (de) wrote: Aside from the sappy whistling at the end, this movie is pretty decent. And who can pass up a movie with gorgeous huskies in their element?

Daniel D (nl) wrote: Waltz plays the drug king of New York fresh out of prison. His character, Frank white, seems cool and possessive. Early on he gets ADHD hyper and this is the side of him I don't like. I'd prefer the film if he had an invincible type feel. This is a pre-Tarantino, Tarantino film. The film is completely gritty, and purely based off style. The true material is just non existent. The criminals in the film are shown from a better perspective than the cops (except Roy). This isn't a negative, but this not so subtly gets you rooting for the mafia men-rather than the men in uniform. The visuals in the "I'm Black" club scene were top notch, and the film always had up beat color visuals. If more time was invested in the script this could be a very good film, but as is, mediocre.

Andrew L (fr) wrote: I see why the critics hated it. It has writing problem and the actors don't portray the characters as well. I feel like Joey Lauren Adams should have played Renee Zellweger's part, it's seems to be more of her role. The soundtrack is unbalanced. It gives us some 90's alternative with some Suicidal Tendencies and Thethe for some added fun but throws in classic rock as well. It seems to try bank off the success of what made "Clerks" so great, which came out only a year earlier but falls flat in doing so.

Spencer P (nl) wrote: Such a great movie! Wish they had made another one!