Hunter in the Dark

Hunter in the Dark

Yataro Tanigawa, a one-eyed hired assassin, impresses yakuza boss Gomyo Kiyoemon with his skill. Gomyo hires Tanigawa as his bodyguard, or yojimbo, to protect him during an inter-clan conflict. Tanigawa quickly rises in stature in the clan, but finds his boss's enemies almost overwhelming.

Yataro Tanigawa, a one-eyed hired assassin, impresses yakuza boss Gomyo Kiyoemon with his skill. Gomyo hires Tanigawa as his bodyguard, or yojimbo, to protect him during an inter-clan ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor S (ag) wrote: Que esta pasando con el cine de vampiros? Cuando no son mierdas para adolescentes descerebrados son engendros ridiculos como esto. Una tomadura de pelo de una hora y media larga (muy larga). Con un guion flojisimo, interpretaciones de pena y mas cercana a Scary movie que al Dracula de Coppola, este mal llamado film empieza con bastante buen pie pero a medida que avanza se va convirtiendo en un cumulo de grotescas situaciones entre lo comico y lo gore que no me han hecho sentir otra cosa que verguenza ajena. No la aconsejo a los nostalgicos del genero.

Lacy A (au) wrote: strong performance...made me cry

Mr C (ag) wrote: Criminally underrated. Full review up later.

Nicole G (au) wrote: Just as well done as the first one.....and truly shows how insane Mark Byers is.....

J D (ca) wrote: Sometimes, certain Critics rate movies according to their political leanings..I'm not sure what the hiccup was here, but they got it wrong..I don't understand exactly what they consider is not believable..two teenage girls defying their parents? The plight of drug mules? The Plot is plausible (those Critics need to get out from behind their Computers, watch something besides their own reflection, and/or open their blind eyes!). I've seen several documentaries about drug mules and decoys. It happens! Are the Critics offended for Thailand? When was the last time they stayed in a 1/2-1 Star Hotel? IN THE U.S., Orlando, even!, I had the experience of staying in a hotel JUST LIKE THE ONE they were in this get over it Darling Life from the point-of-view of the 14.5% of us who have to Vacay REALLY roughing it!

Stephanie W (ru) wrote: This move was unbelievably sweet, it had it's sad moments but you'll feel very refreshed and uplifted after you've seen it. The story is lovely, not the most original but I like that as it's a comforting side to the film. The acting was top notch, Christian Bale yet again blew me away; He acted the part of mentally slow Bobby Platt extreemly well, he didn't exgatterate the part at all as Bobby seems very normal (aside from the fact that he is 24 year old who acts like a young boy) but I've met people of a similar mental state to Bobby and I can say that it was a very very relistic portrayal. I could see parts of Bale's acting which looked adlibed, eg. the way he chewed boyishly on his hoodie strings (y'know the bits to tighten the hood) was very natural and something a child would do, hell I still do that lol. The way he walked and talked, occasionally messed up his sentences, looked at things, the way he lay on the grass to sleep was very innocent as usually city people would go "ew bugs!" and there are other aspects but I'd be here all day if I continued to describe, Bobby is ultra adorable and such a likeable character who brings a smile to my face whenever I think of the story. Spectacular acting. John Hurt's character Mr Sommers was also played well - he was likable and you could understand his shortcomings, and Daniel Benzali's character "The Fat" or mr Winters? Creepy! lol, he was brilliantly solom and mono-tone, he was dislikeable in a likeable way if that makes sense. The fine details were brilliantly done, the glint in bobby's eyes when he was happy was very sweet, and stuff Ive already mentioned and wont bother mentioning - You must watch the film instead! xD I loved it, my only critique would be that I wish it were a tv show as I felt I needed to know what happned after the film ended as it's open to more plot, Thats not really critique as its great as a movie but I thought I'd add that lol. 5/5! <3

David L (gb) wrote: Sick, disgusting, amoral, perverted and just plain wrong, this piece of shit film is filled with perverted and amoral scenes, irritating and sick characters, but the biggest problem it its cult status - that means that majority of people are crazy to like watching these gross kinds of films. It is just wrong.

Danny K (nl) wrote: If you like films full of sex, violence, random psychic powers, & weird fetishes this one's for you!

Roselynde B (gb) wrote: An interesting movie, but I felt the terror of schizophrenia was not translatable to film.

Peggy E (fr) wrote: Made me uncomfortable. Almost like I was looking in someone's bedroom window. I will never look at Michael Douglas or Matt Damon quite the same again

Abel B (ca) wrote: This movie was bad ass! Why so under rated?