Hunter of the Apocalypse

Hunter of the Apocalypse

During the Vietnam war, an American soldier gets trapped behind enemy lines. A squad of his buddies sets out to rescue him.

During the Vietnam war, an American soldier gets trapped behind enemy lines. A squad of his buddies sets out to rescue him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adriano B (jp) wrote: This somewhat leaden paced period drama resembles more western historical kolossal than wuxia - not always in a bad way: yes, it drags often, and yes, is a two-and-a-half man prolonged joke, but it shows what seems the fundamental Korean politic certainty: "No matter what, we are doomed".

Simon D (jp) wrote: I think this is the best vampire movie I've ever seen. I know that it's not really a strong genre but this is an impressive film. Jim Jarmusch seems to have keep the good things he is known for and learnt to use them to make films that are not boring, thank god. Good soundtrack too.

Marc L (ru) wrote: "Patrick et Remy n'ont ni langue, ni pays, ni armee : ils sont roux". N'allez pas croire que "Notre jour viendra" soit pour autant un plaidoyer pour la tolerance. Au contraire, cette idee de depart diablement originale s'estompe rapidement au profit d'un sale petit projet - depuis le fameux clip de Justice, Romain Gavras a de la bouteille, faut dire! -, qui vise exclusivement la provoc. Se foutre des Arabes et des Albinos, rouler en moto dans les rayons chez Auchan, foncer en bagnole au beau milieu d'un enterrement, pisser et se branler dans le jacuzzy d'une paraplegique,...: "Notre jour viendra" ne fait pas dans la dentelle et encore moins dans le film message. Par son nihilisme incandescent et sa grisaille continuelle, le film rappelle certains travaux d'Agns Merlet ("Le fils du requin"), Patrick Bouchitey ("Lune froide") ou mme Jerme Boivin ("Baxter", le chien qui parle), tous trois tournes dans le Nord Pas-de-Calais ( croire que certaines regions attirent certains types de films!). Le procede est certes vain, voire mme pueril par moments, mais il n'en exerce pas moins une incomprehensible fascination. Fascination comparable, pour tre plus precis, au fait de se gratter une petite crote et observer, plein d'emerveillement, le pus qui en sort.

Justin L (jp) wrote: it's mostly old gangsters, including stannis baratheon and swearengen, holed up in a room calling each other cunts. it's also a pretty commendable send-up of machismo and gangster genre tropes. winstone's pretty fucking amazing as usual. good companion piece to sexy beast.

Christina E (es) wrote: This movie was good like 'Wendy and Lucy' and 'Harry and Tonto'. Should it be rated G? Heck no! Do not let your child watch this, disturbing ending.

Alailson B (de) wrote: Feito em 1964 e no deve nada.

Jessica M (br) wrote: very well acted!! i'm beginning to really enjoy Dougray Scott! he's been amazing! it reminded me of Possession (2009) with Lee Pace. wish it could have an alternate ending as well ;)the ending was a lot infuriating! wanted so much more movie.. xP

Chris M (it) wrote: Throwback drive-in movie, good cast though.

Heather M (us) wrote: This was a brilliantly done documentary about a unique and powerful ballerina's journey.