Hunters of Utopia

Hunters of Utopia


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Hunters of Utopia torrent reviews

Heather M (ag) wrote: Maybe an Indian racing movie isn't something I am really interested in.

John E (mx) wrote: pamela anderson sucks in movie she seems so fake

Josh B (ru) wrote: You don't hear this one mentioned often in the pantheon of early 90's action films. T, Cube and Paxton. Lots of guns, fire, fights all in the same building. Kind of cool.

DEGENERATION the reaping (fr) wrote: It was pretty cool on the big screen. Before it came out.

Eli M (gb) wrote: a warm, sad, misty-eyed film oozing with the most endearing performance by the great robert duvall in a subtly magnificent role i liked more than the apostle. (next: the great santini)

Marta F (ca) wrote: this was my favourite movie when i was a kid. now i look at it and it makes me nostalgic, although it's obviously dated (but when we are kids everything is fantastic)

Cath F (br) wrote: quirky, thoughtful, depressing for a little bit but uplifting by the credits. makes an impact.

Billy B (nl) wrote: A touching story that makes Sean Penn more of a brilliant actor.

Sean P (de) wrote: A father finds his son through music with an unexpected twist.

Todd P (jp) wrote: The Anomaly suffers from It's director/star Noel Clarke having too much creative freedom. I know from watching his previous work that he is a good actor, but for some reason here, when directing himself he is flat, and at times I even had to laugh at his poor delivery. If it wasn't for that this could have been a real sci fi gem. The plot is well executed, and I was eager to find out what was going on, right up until the end, and while he may not know how to direct himself, the fight sequences are very well done. I always like it when the action is clear, especially when it's one continuous shot, as many of them are here. With low production values, and no real stars to it's name, I feel like this great idea would have been better served as a ten part television series, allowing the story more time to develop.

Arthur V (au) wrote: Out right dumb.. The last film in the series was at least some what memorable. I didn't get this movie till it was half way through and even then it was confusing and takes too much effort to continue watching on. I rarely skip through movies, this was one that i jumped through. at least there are some nice tracks in here.

Randy H (nl) wrote: T'was pathetic. So bad, so violent for no reason, just unbearable.