Huntin' Buddies

Huntin' Buddies

Country legend Mel Tillis, "Green Acres" alum Tom Lester and silly man supreme Tim Conway provide a crash course in how not to hunt in this hilarious send up of the sporting life that lands...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:51 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hunting,  

Country legend Mel Tillis, "Green Acres" alum Tom Lester and silly man supreme Tim Conway provide a crash course in how not to hunt in this hilarious send up of the sporting life that lands... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Huntin' Buddies torrent reviews

Jesse O (fr) wrote: There's a good story to be told here underneath all the gross-out humor that permeates throughout. This movie definitely gives the Farrelly brothers a run for their money. Thankfully though, in spite of that, Tyler Labine and Lucy Punch make this movie more watchable than it would've been otherwise. I can imagine, if I had read the film's script before it was filmed, that I would end up hating it. I'm not big on gross-out movies per se, but I can enjoy them if I'm in the right mood. Problem is, this film passes up a chance to tell a decent story about friendship, adulthood, and maturity in order to throw as much gross-out, and in once instance even blatantly racist, humor at you. These are some pretty universal themes here, because I'm pretty sure in most groups of friends, there's the one that still hasn't grown up, or matured, yet. A perfect example of this concept working perfectly is The World's End, who managed to tell a story about sticking by your friends, even if they're completely inappropriate, in a sci-fi setting. It CAN be done, and I'm pretty sure it could've been done here as well even if you still had the gross-out humor. You just needed a good balance between the humor and warmth. It isn't impossible to pull off. Another issue I have is the cast, more specifically Barry's group. I think they made for a decent group, all things considered. But it never feels like a genuine friendship. You can always tell when they cast a real group of friends, because there's a certain comfort and chemistry that can't be duplicated. For example the Apatow guys...the Seth Rogens, James Francos, Jonah Hill Jay Baruchels, Danny McBrides of the world all have a chemistry with each other where they can believably play friends because they ARE friends in real life. See how it works? Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have that as well, but they're a far 'smaller' group as compared to the Apatow group. I digress, the group, while individually the performances are solid, they never really gel as a group of friends. They're just actors being paid to pretend to be pleasant around each other. Essentially that's what acting is, but that doesn't mean that you can't capture something real from your cast's chemistry with one another. And this film doesn't have that. Perhaps my standards for cast chemistry in these bromances are too high, I've been spoiled by the Apatow group and by Simon Pegg/Nick Frost. I digress, the film follows every rom-com cliches you've grown to detest, with a raunchy twist. The scene where Barry tries to get Mel back with him talking about all the gross things he loves about her is an example. I really don't even know why I gave the film the rating I did. I suppose this is really average at best, but it only gets there thanks to Lucy and Tyler...and some of the lines are funny, but nothing to lose your mind over. Decent movie at best, if the Farrelly brothers are your favorite filmmakers then you'll definitely love this. Everyone else should go watch The World's End.

Frecissimo S (au) wrote: 3 wasn't that coool for me so... ok lets see and judge latter..

Vipul W (us) wrote: Boo! This movie wanted to be smart and bold but quite literally was like a weak fart. Just embarassing but not enough to make any real difference ... heh heh. Be warned about the ending of the movie: If you consider this movie has 2 acts (happy first act and sad second act) then this movie could have ended anywhere in the second act and the result would have been the same as the theatrical end. This is becoming an annoying habit with Bollywood movies where directors try to show "Mumbai realism" but not really have a finishing act to any movie. They just leave it as it is and give a brief monologue about how bad Mumbai is and you can never survive there. Crap movie and Bipasha is uglier than usual! Don't watch it because you will gain nothing from it. Definitely not entertainment!

Jessica C (es) wrote: I loved this movie! It so definitely hilarious! Would entertain many Irish folks.

john b (nl) wrote: There are so many unnecessary shots in this movie. Want to watch a mop swirling around in red molasses? Shallow Ground has your fix, four or five of those. Like watching an old guy drink coffee? About three of those. Blood rolling across the floor? A dozen or so. A steady cam panning under trees? A creepy guy with an endless stream of blood coming from every hole in his head? Got those too. In spades. I swear this flick could have been twenty minutes shorter without even effecting the integrity of the plot. When I say integrity, I'm really being loose with the term. There are so many problems with this thing, but one thing that really annoyed me was the fact that every missing person in the county has finger prints on file with the FBI. Really? What are the odds. In the end, there's not a lot here. The performances are weak. The music is ear splitting at times. It seems as though the volume of the score is being used to replace actual tension. And as for logic, look somewhere else.

Allan C (jp) wrote: Highly derivative of other horror films, but still not bad in it's own way. A good cast and decent special effects made this one worth watching.

Aaron C (mx) wrote: Very well done low budget creature feature. The make up on the monster is awesome.

Adam C (us) wrote: A fiery little western from the always interesting Anthony Mann. This is a compelling melodrama that is in the vain of Shakespearian tragedy. It is different then most films of its kind of the era. The Furies has a dark edge and high melodrama that makes it unique for its time. Yes it may be over the top but it is a whole lot of fun. Stanwyck and Huston are both really good here as they face off against one another. The filma also was intriging because of feminist and sexual undertones. Anthony Mann really pieces together a good looking and unique western.