Hunting Elephants

Hunting Elephants

In this hilarious crime comedy, a gifted 12-year-old boy and three elderly men plan a bank robbery in order to seek revenge on the institution for cheating the youngster after the death of his father.

Three elderly and a child, finding themselves robbing a bank in Jerusalem. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Valeria P (es) wrote: Beautiful depiction of the trials and tribulations of being a father.

Adina B (fr) wrote: couldn't even being angry with her, at the end. She is beautiful, even deluding, a beauty that totally reveals not to the eyes, but to the soul. And she kind of knew it. Label her as a scam? It would mean labeling us too, instead of accepting we've got as a society many not-so-honest aspects.

Amie G (br) wrote: Cute christmas movie.

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Travis J (mx) wrote: she is so funny in this movie,like she dont have a core int he world.and poor tommy she drove him crazy

Jacklord Alan K (de) wrote: Now this is amazing!

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