Hunting Scenes from Bavaria

Hunting Scenes from Bavaria

Abram returns to his small village and although his repairing skills are needed, people's suspicion about his sexual preferences make his life hard.

Abram returns to his small village and although his repairing skills are needed, people's suspicion about his sexual preferences make his life hard. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin P (fr) wrote: Morris From America breekt niet nieuw grond op het coming-of-age genre, maar weet wel iets unieks ermee te doen door er iets mee te doen dan niet leunt op voorspelbare plotwendingen en onsympathieke personages.

Jorge V (au) wrote: wanna see it just because I hate twilight movies, jejeje...

Mode V (ru) wrote: kala ko torture porn lang to... but it's not. promise. may kwento/a...

Alan H (us) wrote: Production was awful but the storyline was great! It kept me curious until the end. Never very scary though (one scene at the end was suspenseful).

Paul D (kr) wrote: This movie unfortunately never really reaches the amount of comedy one might expect from a Christmas themed "comedy" starring Robin Williams. It certainly isn't all bad, but it also isn't overly recommendable. It is fairly simple, and not overly original, but some people might find it worth while for at least one viewing.

Carol H (jp) wrote: This is one of those comedies that's only funny when you're young. When you get older, it kind of loses its humor.

Rob L (kr) wrote: This joint Vietnamese-US production was filmed in the late nineties, a few years after the opening up of the South East Asian country?s economy. Signs of this are never far away and the billboards for Coca Cola and Fujifilm are so brazenly on display, they might just have been in neon. Hints of an unchanging political scene are also provided and the film trots out a number of the standard Indochina cliches ? the yawning gap between tourist and local spending power, the exclusivity of hard currency hotels, the wistful ex-GI (Harvey Keitel in a well below average performance for him that must have doubled the film?s budget given the movie came not long after his mid nineties purple patch) and hints at the ?real?, rural Vietnam of the past: a magical land of lush lilypads devoid of grinding poverty. The film rivals other Vietnam-set films like ?The Scent of Green Papaya? in its beauty: not hard given the nature of this ravishing country, but the music is too intent on heavy handed scene setting and the central figure of a prostitute just too beautiful to be believable. The result of it all is watchable ? a race between Ho Chi Minh City cyclo drivers is won by the most sympathetic character on show - but overly earnest and ultimately, hollow.

Dan M (us) wrote: A most essential Italian film. I may have called it The Poet and The Postman -but what do I know? Bello.

Cristian L (de) wrote: Quite possibly the worst conclusion to any film trilogy. Avoid at all costs.

Thomas W (ru) wrote: As much as it may lack the satirical bite of its literary origins, 'Less Than Zero' is a poignant examination of a lifestyle of excess, drug use, and partying. Robert Downey, Jr.'s performance of the haggard, addiction addled Julian, is outstandingly harrowing. Equally effective is James Spader's performance as Rip, Julian's drug dealer, whose actions are both believable and justified, if not eventually a bit much. On the backs of Downey, Jr and Spader's strong performances, as well as a very timely soundtrack, 'Less Than Zero' maintains the viewers attention, even if it becomes a bit too skin deep a portrayal of the 1980s party scene.Final Score: B-

Lasse C (ca) wrote: Slow burner. It takes a while to get into the pace and the feel but once you do it is a rewarding experience.