Hur kunde hon

Hur kunde hon

When Lillemor is 19 years old she goes to France. She falls in love and becomes HIV infected. This is in 1986. Lillemor represses the fact that she has a lethal infection. She gets married ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (gb) wrote: Not really a comedy or Drama my idea ... just a nice Vitaya or Wife-Tv - Movie . Not bad !

Mikko Hermanni P (nl) wrote: Well it has a lot of drama. Timeline isn't strait and the mood changes with it from one end to the other. Jumping can be tiring towards the end.

Paul D (kr) wrote: One-sided, but informative about experience and reality that you wouldn't hear about on the news in the comfort of your armchair.

Dawn C (de) wrote: all the god fathers were and will all ways be great wish i was part of it all

Jordan H (jp) wrote: A roller coaster of action, dark humor, extreme violence, and no boundaries filmmaking; Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike (Audition, Gozu, 13 Assasins) creates a visceral piece of brilliant cinema based upon a manga of the same name. A must see.

Wendy M (us) wrote: I liked this movie, no matter what anyone else says, I thought it was witty and fun, and i liked the chemistry between Alicia and Benicio!!!

Matthew C (fr) wrote: Full Moon, the 90s' kings of straight to video, continued the long standing tradition of butchering H.P. Lovecraft's work with this low budget cheese fest. Hands down the best part of the film is cigarette smoking, hard drinking, blood stained Jeffery Combs as Dr. Haggis. The rest of the cast, including horror regular Ashley Lawrence and Greg Evigan wannabe Blake Adams, are pretty useless filler. On top of the bad acting and mindless plot, the video quality on this DVD is actually worse than the original VHS, if that's possible. My hat's off to Full Moon for once again going that extra mile to make sure their films have that something special.

Will D (nl) wrote: Paying any amount of money to see this is too much. In fact, Sandler should have to pay you for seeing it as a way of saying "sorry". Ironically, his latest films all seem to be trying to one-up this "golden oldie" in laughlessness. (I don't care that it's not a real word)

Private U (gb) wrote: Ok, just the 30 first minutes

Leonardo Malacay S (es) wrote: una fotografa muy bien lograda y una historia que toma mucho mas sentido con la revolucin

Evan K (ca) wrote: Not as bad as the title suggests, but it is pretty damn corny and the battles are a bit lame.

Peter W (it) wrote: Roger Corman's best film. The expected cheapness and expoitative coarseness are sometimes evident, but overall, this is an intellgent, well-written film wih a strong performance by Ray Milland.

Shane D (es) wrote: Easy to see why this was so well received during awards season at the time. Plenty of outstandingly emotive, both good and bad, performances from all involved.

TKL T (gb) wrote: now I cant get back 90mins of my life

Francisco L (de) wrote: This original and creative movie, has a clever plot, it shows great performances by Freddie Highmore and Johnny Depp, and have a strong and smart script.

Suanne P (ru) wrote: It looks pretty good..and funny i don't want to see it that bad but i'll give it a try

Devin M (kr) wrote: Suspenseful and sufficiently disturbing movie about a photo technician, excellently portrayed by Robin Williams, obsessed with a troubled family, whose problems reveal the full extent of his mental sickness.The main selling point of this movie is Williams' masterful depiction of a lonely, middle-aged man whose deep psychological issues drive him to extreme measures. I found myself simultaneously fascinated and frightened by Williams' character, constantly wondering what he would do next and when he would snap. That being said, the plot has some real problems that are not fully resolved in the end, and I did not really feel that there was a whole lot of real substance to the movie beyond the investigation of a troubled mind. Despite these structural problems, a sense of constant suspense and motion was maintained throughout the movie by a thrilling feeling of uncertainty about what he may do next. Robin Williams' captivating and unsettling portrayal of the sick man really made this film. The story was still thrilling and interesting enough to hold my attention, but it did have a few problems with plot continuity and substance that prevented this from being a truly great movie.