Hur tänker hon?

Hur tänker hon?


  • Category:Comedy
  • Stars:Johan Rheborg
  • Uploader:FapDe
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Tomas Alfredson
  • Writer:Tomas Alfredson (script), Robert Dubac (original script), Lisa Eriksdotter (script), Johan Rheborg (script)

En 90-minuters makalöst underhållande monolog med Johan Rheborg, där han rannsakar sin hjärna för att svara på den klassiska frågan: Vad vill kvinnor egentligen?. Komedin "Hur tänker hon", med originaltitel "The Male Intellect" är en enmansshow där Rheborg spelar alla karaktärerna. Med en enkel axelryckning, en knyck på nacken eller med att himla med ögonen förvandlar Rheborg sig till någon av sina fem alter egos. "Hur tänker hon?" är en unik show, där kombinationen av teater och stå-upp-komik, som är både provokativ, manar till eftertanke och samtidigt får folk vrida sig av skratt, är oslagbar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean L (au) wrote: An intimate behind-the-scenes documentary covering Dan Harmon (creator of Community, co-creator of Rick and Morty) and his short tour of seat-of-the-pants live podcasts in the winter of 2012. It dangles precariously between worshiping the man (via dozens of high-profile testimonials) and vilifying him (the same talking heads almost unanimously have a bad story to tell about his self-destructive nature) which makes for a difficult, conflicted narrative. Especially as he seems to have no interest in seriously changing his ways, even after breaking down and confessing to his many sins. Harmon's connection with his audience, and with his small cast of cobbled-together costars, is special and real, the kind of rapport that thousands of wannabe cult productions chase to their last breath. Maybe his shortcomings as a human fuel that fire in ways that a more composed creative wouldn't, but it still begs a question: how much more prolific could this guy be if he'd ever get his act together? Even his most passionate fans seem to realize that he can be a real dick at times, most notably when he airs the dirty laundry of a late-night fight with his long-suffering girlfriend right there on one show. The same fans who lined up at the door to hear what he'll do or say next agree almost unanimously that he was in the wrong, leaving him to awkwardly eat a little crow. The documentary itself is a bit long, especially in getting to a conclusion, but otherwise does a nice job of mixing laugh-out-loud moments from the stage with heartfelt confessions and closed-door implosions away from the public eye. Great if you're already a fan, but a little narrow and long-winded if you're not.

Ccile D (us) wrote: Totalement d (C)primant et mme pas drle malgr (C) ce qu'en montrait la bande annonce. Et puis, c'est moi o M (C)lanie Laurent transpire de plus en plus la suffisance d (C)testable ? Quelle peste !

Timo E (nl) wrote: The ending is a bit... odd... but overall it has a smart premise and I enjoyed the ride.

David W (es) wrote: Trumbo serves a well-talented cast and Bryan Cranston puts effort as the blacklisted actor, however it sort of hits all the beats of based on a true story films too much

Isaac H (br) wrote: Though unquestionably biased, Jesus Camp is an eye-opening, oftentimes scary chronicling of the extreme practices of a radical Christian childrens' camp.

Seth G (kr) wrote: the worst movie i have ever seen in my life. never e ver see

Lindsey L (ca) wrote: A decent slasher/revenge story where almost all of the characters are unsavory (so you enjoy their deaths). Pretty interesting watch, decent acting. I would probably watch it again if in the mood for some survival horror.

Heather G (ru) wrote: I didnt see all of it, but i looked really good to watch

David F (mx) wrote: Does a very good job of capturing the cynical, satirical tone of Waugh's novel Vile Bodies and brings his characters to life, though the ending was a bit more somber and serious than Waugh's hilariously biting conclusion.

Meijin C (kr) wrote: perfect mate during lunch time

Dougie Lawless P (nl) wrote: It's the best movie ever Jenn-ay

Edith N (de) wrote: Sam Neill Shows Us the Universe Most popular science documentary miniseries take some personable actual scientist and bring you into their world. Most famously, Carl Sagan. However, for this, the BBC has chosen to give us the genial face of moderately famous actor Sam Neill. No worries there. His soothing voice explains the cosmos for those of us who aren't too into it. (Well, I am. But you know.) And then there's the clips of people who work in the various fields talking about what they do. It's the perpetual quest of those who know what they're talking about to convey the information to those who don't. What do you expect? Something complicated? Though, of course, the information isn't the most lighthearted in the world. We start, as the universe did, with the Big Bang. Annoyingly, they show the Big Bang as an actual explosion, which of course it wasn't. However, they do work toward trying to give us a scale of time and space, which is notoriously hard to do at the scope we're working with here. There's a [i]lot[/i] of time and space. I can't grasp it. I don't think anyone can. But Neill works to help us as best he, and the show's producers, can. The central conceit of the thing is this giant demonstration thingy in the middle of nowhere. It's like a force field generator, and we see the visuals of time and space inside it. Though, at one point, he tells us exactly how far away the next star is on that scale, and it's awfully far. It's interesting to see how the state-of-the-art progresses--not of the science itself, or the technology itself, but of the presentation. Carl Sagan, after all, sat around in that really fake-looking spaceship bridge. Sam Neill gets out into the sun, and his CGI's not bad. Especially given the made-for-the-BBC-ness of the show in the first place. I really liked the time-lapse sequence about Jupiter and how it sweeps the Solar System of huge asteroids that could potentially kill us, kill us all. That could, in fact, have prevented life in the first place. Not all of the visuals were quite so appealing, and not all of them were quite so creative. Of course, we do move on to the scary stuff. The possibility of life elsewhere always creeps me out. Not because I don't want it to be there. It's because I'm afraid it's not. The universe, even just the galaxy, is a huge place. The idea of us, alone, occupying the only inhabited planet in it gives me the heebie-jeebies. Even more so than the segments which follow, those talking about how the Solar System will end. I can't watch anything speculating about life in the universe before bed, because I'll just lie awake thinking about it. Admittedly, I caught this in the middle of the morning, so I'm fine. But I'm going to have to watch a bunch of other things to feel better about myself and my place in the cosmos. This is not the best series along these lines. There are more than a few out there, and I still advise [i]Cosmos[/i] first, for all its '70s hokeyness. However, there are merits to this one, especially if you just can't take Carl Sagan's voice, which I would understand. Also, of course, the information on this is more up-to-date, and it doesn't have the quantum focus of [i]The Elegant Universe[/i]. It's not a bad presentation of the important cosmological and astronomical information. I note, by the way, that no one else on the entire site has anything to say about this. Which is a shame, frankly. It's a good miniseries. Not great, but one of many that's a good starting place into the wider world of science.

Blke W (mx) wrote: this was a Golden great movie i saw as kids.. with mates, we would laugh and call it 'big what-ever day it was' when the surf was good that day. Released way befor my time for a premier(I'm not tht old lol) screening it was so kinda korny it was much more a comedy for us than when it was new i'm sure. The only thing we could aspire to from it (cuz we were pretty good grommies hitting everything quite hard) was being able to drink that much piss and not drown in it lol like hendrix did rip hehe

Tomer G (au) wrote: Slow, but well shot, interesting characters. If you're looking for zombie chases and Walking Dead style violence, you are in the wrong place. But it's a really good simple post-apoc film with realistic characters.