Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

Based on true events amid the wreckage and chaos dealt by Hurricane Katrina; one basketball coach in Marrero, Louisiana just will not give up. Coach Al Collins(Forest Whitaker), gathers other players from hard-hit schools and builds a team actually worthy enough to go to the state playoffs. A very honest look at what can be done with the right people having the desire and fortitude to pick up and

The film is set in a year after Hurricane Katrina. It is the time when Al Collins, a high school basketball coach in Marrero, Louisiana, assembles a team of players who had previously attended five different schools and leads them on the way to the championships. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Prach P (ru) wrote: The second film I've watched about education this week. The Class (Entre les Murs) makes us reflect on questions about discipline, authority, methods of learning, and ultimately the purpose of education. These questions are presented within the limits of the fact that teachers are ordinary people, with the usual flaws of ordinary human beings. Anyone who's thinking of being a teacher should watch this.

Josh H (gb) wrote: This whole schizo thing is getting old fast. You can see this coming a mile away. pseudo-intellectual art house crap. Don't get me twisted, I like B-horror, but this one blows.

Deshawn M (nl) wrote: 5 Star Rating. This movie was funny as F..... Laughter from start to finish. Mike Epps was a star in this.

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Campbell P (fr) wrote: Stripes is a perfect example of a solid comedy. It provides a lot of good laughs and a good plot to go around it. John and Russell have nothing to do with their lives so they decide to go enlist in the US army. Along the way we meet funny characters (most notably Ox) and get treated to a really funny training session. All the people who enlisted in John's group are nutjobs and get themselves into more trouble with their sergeant than anything. Bill Murray plays the same guy he used to play and is really good at what he did. Harold Ramis (R.I.P.) plays his hilarious partner in crime who plays out his humor to the maximum. Although the story was very funny there wasn't enough to take from this movie. The only thing you really learned was that determination gets you places which is a bit overdone but that kinda thing doesn't especially matter here. Stripes was a very funny and clever point of view on a war training and war zone environment and gets comedy geniuses to play the lead parts. This Bill Murray classic has a very high rewatch value too and will hopefully get to see it more. B

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Denislav R (it) wrote: The only thing in the movie I did not like are the special effects. They have`not aged well it seems. Outside o that- it's an amazing movie.

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Taylor B (ag) wrote: While I like the Penguins in all the Madagascar films, I think them having a stand alone film wasn't such a brilliant idea. I'll admit because the story kind of lacked interested and lost me quite a bit. Few jokes made me laugh but other then that it was pretty much a cash grab film.

SailorMoon797 F (it) wrote: it's a Horror film of all time.

Eric J (it) wrote: A bit longish but quite good. For once a cast that seemed ho-hum on paper did much better than I was expecting. Similar to "Dangerous Liasons". This film was the more serious production and probably the better of the two.