There are terrible things happening in the desert...unexplainable, frightening things. Tragic, inexplicable incidents… ever since she arrived.

A recently widowed family is forced to move into their uncle's salvage yard, and soon after the arrival of a mysterious foster child, a family secret starts to threaten their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (kr) wrote: A punishing, predictable drama that's almost rescued by strong acting and good intentions.

Christian H (ru) wrote: Another great coming-of-age film well done.

Doctor S (es) wrote: In a word: INEPT.Simply terrible home-movie attempt at a horror in all respects. The wrap-up wants us to believe this was staged by the Girls as a prank on other Girls, but their actions and reactions are so phony that I cannot for a moment believe that. But if that really IS true, that reflects even WORSE upon these Girls, revealing them as complete idiots with severely limited abilities to express themselves without using the F-bomb. Either way you look at it, a bad reflection upon all involved.An extra half star for some OK nude photoshoot footage, but you're far better off watching the more entertaining SG docs The First Tour or Italian Villa. Better stick to nonfiction, ladies, unless your goal is to turn the audience against you.

Ryan L (de) wrote: A very good documentary that was well-made and focused on an interesting subject matter. Who'd have thought that there were still places in the US that had separate proms for black and white students in today's age - a bit surprising to say the least. I think this movie does a good job in getting the perspective of the students and the general atmosphere of the town regarding this issue. Although there were obviously many that still believed in the segregated proms, it was interesting to see how this was addressed by people on both sides of the issue.

Dan S (it) wrote: A slow, thoughtful, and brutally realistic look on a family torn apart by a father's infidelities, and after his death how violence erupts between the two families he started in his life. Michael Shannon, a method actor who is on the verge of typecasting himself as the "psycho" guy in movies, plays the part of a quiet man well. It is not a film for everyone because as said, it is paced almost to a crawl, but the character development and rising action are both well constructed by director Mike Nichols. If you like urban dramas that offer a different slice of life that are not seen in many movies, this is worth a view.

Jamie S (ag) wrote: Another film watched during a sleepover! i thought it was more of a romance than anything may have been the drink but i could have cried at the end! :)

A C (kr) wrote: Yes of course its dumb, and absolutely genius and hilarious. There are only a few movies I have watched more times than this, its funny every time.

bill s (gb) wrote: Watched the trailer and was tricked into such a butchery of the human sense which was this puke of a movie.

Kendall I (fr) wrote: One of my oldest childhood favorites. PLOT:The rooster Chanticleer (Glen Cambell) is shunned from the farm after he realizes his crow doesn't bring up the sun. When he leaves, the farm realizes they need him when The Duke (Christopher Plummer) and his minions set up the plan so that it would be dark the rest of the time. The farm summons the help of a little boy neamed Edmund, who feels he's small and useless. They head for the city to find Chanticleer and bring him back. The plot is pretty unique but weak in some places, considering it borrows as CHanticleer be called "The King" after Elvis, another character being the blonde bimbo in Hollywood, and one of the villians being a copycat of Disney's Robin Hood secondary villian. But it is a children's animation flick so it has to be somewhat cliched most of the time. ACTING/VOICES:See what I did there? the voices in here were all-star and lovable, featuring Glen Cambell,Phil Harris, Charles Nelson, Eddie Deezen, Christopher Plummer and more! Some are still typical for a Don Bluth film. SCORE:Toe-tapping beats from Elvis-like tunes to haunted house themes, but they are cliche and grow childish after a while, so it's typical for a children's animated movie. The SCORE score was usual as well. ANIMATION:This is actually a low-point for Don Bluth animation. Don has his own brand of nostalgic animation, but it still seems to dazzle at certain parts. This had the least dazzling effect even as it BEING a half live action/half animated movie. OTHER CONTENT:One scene I just found darkly beautiful for an animated movie, as a kind of "come-to-realism" scene. It's when the trailer crashes and the mouse goes missing (you'll see). I didn't like the ending much, for it didn't make much sense. I love the cliched "everyone back together as a group after a journey" cliche, but they didn't give it any sense as live-action literally fit into animation.. It would've worked, if they put any sense into it. OVERALL,a great Don Bluth animation flick with toe-tapping score,a unique plot, and lovable voices. On the dark side, it has bland animation, some cliched rip-offs, and a cheesy ending.

Scott M (us) wrote: Story about a mentally challenged man who is kidnapped by his brother so he can collect his dead father's inheritance money. Dustin Hoffman was really good and deserved his award. Tom Cruise didn't convince me in the end he loved his brother. In fact, he seemed more narcissistic than ever. Didn't like this movie.

Gavin M (kr) wrote: "Man's got to know his limitations."

Toby C (au) wrote: Amazing acting and excellent directing!