Hvad vil De ha'?

Hvad vil De ha'?

Danish Black & White Movie from 1956 starring 32 of the most popular danish actors...

Danish Black & White Movie from 1956 starring 32 of the most popular danish actors... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin D (mx) wrote: I somehow ran across this title after review of the title 'Calvary' (2014), another film from the Irish Film Board that I was impressed with. I was quite delighted with this tale of a bachelor stag gone awry, that didn't take the low road of comedy, as the infamous 'Hangover' Trilogy.Long time friends Davin and Fionan find themselves planning and impromptu stag party for the rather effeminate and polite groom. What starts off as a simple little camping trip between 5 friends turns into a rather long evening of mishaps, bad decisions, and inconveniences. Enter 'The Machine,' brilliantly played by Peter McDonald, the grooms soon to be brother in-law, and a character of insulting bravado, who acts as an instigator throughout the film. Things begin nicely enough, but little by little, plans get skewed and they all end up off course.What made this film such a pleasure was how real the whole situation seems. If you've ever been hiking with friends, you learn very quickly who are the capable friends, and who are not. This film delightfully plays into this idea, when friendships are tested out in the wilderness after a few slight mishaps. At no point did this film scream fake, and I found myself laughing along with the banter. Each character brings a little bit of their own humour in this film, and each personality was perfect for their role. The run on jokes are timed very well, and even though you know they might be coming, they still deliver laughs.A great heartfelt comedy, funny and smart throughout.3/5

John B (au) wrote: Awesome movie for any Riddick fan!

Andrew B (gb) wrote: Sad, realistic study of suicide and its effects on those left behind. Beautifully made, intelligent French movie.

Josef H (jp) wrote: Not much of a plot or story. They tried to make up for that by showing things out of sequence to try and build mystery. It didn't work. Tame.

lhan (gb) wrote: Just boring except some scenes

Petros T (mx) wrote: "Pineapple Express" is an exquisitely funny picture. It just drives forward through a crazy load of messy situations, boasting one of Seth Rogen's best performances, paired with a very convincing James Franco, great and highly quotable lines and very powerful action including several very tight - and hilarious - fist fights. Consistent fun.

Shane D (ag) wrote: This would have been 5 stars, if they hadn't ended the documentary by talking about shit bands like Limp Bizkit. I don't know why they found that necessary. But other than that, this is great.

Tate C (jp) wrote: Really an amazing show. Clearly defines the moral and sociological fault of corporatization of food. Goes into detail of GMO Foods and reasons behind subsidization of the food industry. I totally recommend this.

Taha S (es) wrote: Apart from the abrupt and assumptive ending, Enemy of the State bolsters a solid Action thriller.

Jayakrishnan R (de) wrote: 85%Watched this on 29/4/15At least now I know from where films like The Color of Night got it's meat. Basic Instinct is a well crafted film with a great performance from actress Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas doesn't disappoint although his wrinkles make him seem more aged than what he really was. Basic Instinct captures the attention of the audience from the start itself and doesn't even have a single uninteresting moment, however, Jeanne Tripplehorn gives a stale performance. The sex scenes are top notch and even those scenes in the end hold great tension.

Geoff J (ag) wrote: Morally confusing, but otherwise stands strong with the string of classic Cannon Film Bronson-kills-people-creatively flicks. Approaches even the Seagal level of brutality.

Saurabh S (ru) wrote: If it wasn't for A. Khan's ice-cool performance as a cop, I would not give it such a high rating. He is cool, calm, ruthless and down to earth. Throughout the movie, he seems unstoppable and charismatic... and most of all, he developed a unique & memorable character for the movie.

Blae T (it) wrote: One of the best movies ever made, really.

Michael L (au) wrote: my Man is a Loser....is a loser. Was Tyler Perry involved in this somehow? It's got his stank all over it.

Bruce20 W (mx) wrote: This is the best of the prequels, but it is still terrible and over political. Darth Vader is ruined forever.