Hwayi: A Monster Boy

Hwayi: A Monster Boy

A 5 member gang, led by Seok-Tae (Kim Yun-Seok), kidnaps a baby boy named Hwa-Yi and raises the baby like their own son. The baby boy is now 17 years old (Yeo Jin-Goo) and has turned into a lethal killer. Taking part in his father's gang, Hwa-Yi learns about his own past. Hwa-Yi pulls out his gun to find out who he really is.

Hwayi, a very special boy: an infant is nourished by five men of a criminal organization. The chief of the group is Seok Tae, the cold and charismatic leader. Under him is four juniors including: Ki Tae - professional drivers be stammerer, Seong Jin - an inbred advisor, Beom Soo - a classy marksman and Dong Beom - a stony martial arts expert. Hwayi is trained in a unique way by his fathers instead of going to school as a normal boy. Until one day, he discovers his true identity… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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