A young actress rehearsing for a play about human trafficking begins to relive terrifying scenes that may be dreams -- or an alternate reality.

This thriller is about human trafficking in Argentina. A young actress rehearsing for a play about human trafficking begins to relive terrifying scenes that may be dreams, or an alternate reality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darlene T (it) wrote: Went to see this film the other night and can't believe how much I enjoyed it. I would recommend this movie as the story holds your interest with several unexpected plot twists.

Amber C (ca) wrote: just overall a boring moving... and its sad because I like dance movies... but how many times can a guy treat his gf like crap she leaves he shows up a few times says something nice and everything is ok... ugh! The first you got served I think was the best outta the series...

Chris S (nl) wrote: It was ok, but I think I would have just preferred the series ending without the movie. This was just a mediocre ending for an amazing series and I wasn't completely satisfied. Well, I guess I'll see if Brotherhood ends better.

Jens S (it) wrote: Starting out like a somewhat regular Western, albeit with a really hateful and diabolic bad guy, the film goes more into pulp territory with each minute. While Ed Harris' shenanigans are fun to watch, it is January Jones who's the problem. The more her character enters the center stage, the less interesting things get. Fact is, she can't act her way out of a kartonage box. The movie gets bloodier with each minute but also less exciting because it takes a little more than someone walking around shooting people in revenge to keep the audience interested. By the time of the showdown you just don't care anymore. Wasted chances all around.

dorothy s (au) wrote: see the movie i like it

Ana G (kr) wrote: El mejor, mas conciso y conmovedor relato de Paul Auster. Cine de gran belleza. Maravilla lirica, delicado e intenso prodigio de cine de amor, introspectivo y elegante (Diario El Pais)

Mathew S (ca) wrote: Almost good, slightly-above-mediocre acting from everyone except Ian Holm, intelligent script and pretty good pacing. It does take a very mature look at moral expectation, and that's always appreciated.

Jacob R (es) wrote: The first hour flirts with some cool things while never matching the intelligence or feel of the first film, but after that it becomes laughably bad.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Self-sacrificing matriarch leads immigrant family to prosperity--The family goes as Mama goes!!

Jon T (it) wrote: A fun and unique heist movie with a twist beginning that, unfortunately, is given away by Flixster's synopsis of the film. So avoid reading that before watching if you can. My only problem is I don't believe the love story in this. It's completely perfunctory.

Monet J (es) wrote: Not the best Spike Lee joint. I have seen better.