I 2 deputati

I 2 deputati

Francesco and Franco are brothers in law but, since their respective wives can't stand each other, are always arguing. When Francesco decides to run for Parliament, Franco is kidnapped by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brittany O (ca) wrote: This movie is something I would not pay to see, however, If you are bored this is the movie for you. I wasn't really crazy about the webcam setting throughout the whole movie, but, it wasn't that bad.Its not the worst movie I have ever seen but not the best. I found myself losing focus on the movie. So you have to pay attention to watch this movie because you will miss details on the this movie.

Faisal M (ru) wrote: enjoyed the movie a lot. great performances by all the children (which was surprising because bollywood has hardly produced good child artists).. much better than expected. a simple story told in a brilliant way.. highly reccomended

Roxanne R (au) wrote: Usually most of the gay films I have seen are upbeat, hilarious, amusing but this one is depressing and sad because it explores an undeniable fact that will happen to all: DEATH. A dying mother (Lilly played by S. Lue McWilliams) living with a male helper named Ted (B. Weaver) is visited by her son Elliot (Ryan Vigilant) and her daughter Laura (Karmine Alers). Immediately they suspect that Ted is wants to take advantage of their frail mother. As the film goes on we see the family dynamics taking place with the dying Lily instructing her children not to "sweat the small stuff" and declaring that "we all leave the same way we came in ... naked and alone." Two words that stand out from this film: TRY and SING. You will understand once you watch the film but let me warn you that it is depressing and sad.

Alejandro R (es) wrote: A bandit turned hero who now fights for not money or directly against his nemesis, but for the lack of men like the man he finally defeats. He sums it up in a really great line.Some of the comedy is lost on me I'm sure, as sometimes it's a language thing so it can get lost in translation. There's also the speed of the dialogue. I can tell in certain scenes by the quick and seemingly snappy dialogue that there's some comedy coming through. During those scenes at best I can only sense the comedic moment and know that it's there somehow, but unfortunately not really get the humor.When I did "get it", it was funny and the overall film with it's stylistic action scenes is very entertaining.

Dave W (ru) wrote: I didn't understand this movie at first when I saw a bullet to the chest. Then somebody came by and put a bullet to the head. Then I fell asleep and I woke up and Stallone was naked fighting another naked dude in some dark vague background. They were grunting in a hyper masculine, completely non-sexual way. Not sure I'll give this one another chance.

Sarfara A (jp) wrote: This dark-thriller film is such a great plot-film. Really enjoyed it, although there were some weak points; yet it simply is great film

Shatisha C (mx) wrote: I wish this film was a closer adaptation to the novel. It would have performed better at the box office and with fans no doubt.

Cody Z (br) wrote: How could this have passed?!?!

Margareta T (es) wrote: This is a light-hearted, funny movie. I have enjoyed watching over and over. The cast works well together and it cannot be taken seriously.

Alistair C (es) wrote: Even though it's supposed to be crap I am intrigued as to how crap it is.

Phil P (es) wrote: Not my favorite type of story line but with a cast and director like this, who cares? A real "Ooh, look who it is!" treat.

Dani J (ru) wrote: HORRIBLE!! A wanna be Blair witch/paranormal activity that high school video students could have made better. Supposed to be in Tennessee with random scenes with Palm trees. Constant whining & carrying on, oh and the "new" to town family kids sure do make friends really fast. Don't waste any time with this.

Hunter W (nl) wrote: It's heartwarming and charming to a fault thanks specifically to its talented leads in Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Emma Stone