I Am an Island

I Am an Island

Two couples sail out to an island in the Swedish archipelago. Jocke and Malin just got engaged; Tom and Stella met recently. But the weekend of easygoing romance takes a turn as deep-seated...

Two couples sail out to an island in the Swedish archipelago. Jocke and Malin just got engaged; Tom and Stella met recently. But the weekend of easygoing romance takes a turn as deep-seated... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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I Am an Island torrent reviews

Lesa P (de) wrote: got a little weird in the end...enjoyed the look of the film and the overall suspense..long live Canadian cinema!

Favio V (br) wrote: A retro-futuristic film set in a hypothetical 1960 in which peace between men and vampires is about to give way to a bloody civil war.

Caitlin F (jp) wrote: This is probably the least-biased documentary I've ever seen. I went to a Christian school and am not unaccustomed to the absurdity that so often surrounds the culture. It's incredible to see the story presented without the resentment or disgust that more often clouds a filmmaker's telling.

Douglas L (it) wrote: Short and sweet. Im a sucker for violent cartoons. I dont really like vampires but this is a cool acceptation.

Bill B (kr) wrote: Gave this a re-watch recently to get the big fat Criterion DVD off the To-Watch Pile.This is definitely one of my favorite films from the '90s, something that I find I can pop in at any time, or God forbid I catch part of it on cable, because I'm gonna have to watch the rest of the film to its conclusion, regardless of what other plans I might've had.Highly recommended.

Chris E (ag) wrote: For someone not familiar with the events of Waco, this is a really powerful and gripping documentary. The back story is very quickly skimmed over, as it chooses to focus primarily on the seige. With a chilling '90s score and generally unsettling video footage, this a documentary you won't forgot in a hurry.

Dov D (jp) wrote: New Zealand director/writer Jonathan King's Black Sheep is one of the better examples of how a horror/comedy should be done. While there may be little to no genuine scares, there is more than enough absurdist humor to make up for it. The acting is good enough for the genre and the action is hilariously grim, both of which are essential for this type of movie. The script does have a few holes and low points, but overall it's solid. All of that being said, this innovative picture becomes redundant and loses it's edge halfway through. The jokes become repetitive and the deadly sheep ripping throats out left and right, dare I say,monotonous. King clearly has a save-the-environment agenda behind his script, but it comes off as preposterous. Bottom line, this film will make you laugh, but in the end, there's not that much there. For genre fans, Black Sheep is a must see.

Veniea T (br) wrote: I hope that it is good

Anthony C (ca) wrote: Debut film of a great director. A breaking point story thats simlair to taxi driver

Nicky S (jp) wrote: A solid action movie that has the cool as ice McQueen, a solid story, and an interesting portrait of everyday life in the Sixties. However, action films today are different from those made back then, and this one has less high octane action than one would expect. It gets a bit slow at times. However, this is a great film that has good acting and solid entertainment, if you can hang through the slower parts.

David D (gb) wrote: This was nowhere near as good as his first half-dozen movies. Had plenty of action and fighting by Seagal, so it was ok. But not a keeper!

Moustapha I (jp) wrote: Smart, funny and Charming I don't want more than those three to say that this is a Great woody allen movie

Lawrence D (ru) wrote: Big mobile phones4:3 monitor screens386 computersBefore 'Windows '

Mike G (ag) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies and many of my friends agree. It has become a cult classic and every time you watch it you catch a new subtle joke or gesture. This movie stands the test of time and truly features a fabulous cast. In many ways it is also one if the best X-mad/New Years films of all time, of course with all deference to Its A Wonderful Life.

Joao20 M (fr) wrote: Nota: 8.6/10 - 4.3/5