I Am Bruce Lee

I Am Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is universally recognized as the pioneer who elevated martial arts in film to an art form, and this documentary will reveal why Bruce Lee's flame burns brighter now than the day he died over three decades ago. The greatest martial artists, athletes, actors, directors, and producers in the entertainment business today will share their feelings about the one who started it all. We will interview the people whose lives, careers, and belief systems were forever altered by the legendary "Father of Martial Arts Cinema". Rarely seen archival footage and classic photos will punctuate the personal testimonials. Prepare to be inspired.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:actor,   asian,   interview,  

Bruce Lee is universally recognized as the pioneer who elevated martial arts in film to an art form, and this documentary will reveal why Bruce Lee's flame burns brighter now than the day ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nidhi J (gb) wrote: Great performances by Vinay Pathak and Lara Dutta, very well directed, totally hiarious though seems borrowed from Due Date but still great watch.

Everett J (it) wrote: Daughters of Wisdomdirected by Bari PearlmanThis film captures life in the Kala Rongo Monastery for nuns in the mountains of Tibet. The film shows daily life and is marked by a strict Buddhist wisdom that permeates every scene. These are exceedingly devout women who spend their time either praying, chanting or working. There is a tremendous amount of work to do and it keeps the nuns busy year around. They are joyful, radiant, and flourish without any of the niceties found in the materialist world. Their philosophy follows the Buddhist line: avoid desire and therefore avoid suffering. There is quite a bit of talk as to how women suffer more than men just by their very natures.The film introduces the audience to a number of nuns who have lived in the monastery for a range of years. They are jovial and filled with a beaming sort of life rarely experienced in our sickly, degenerate modern world. It??s a real and lasting testament to the possibilities that can be achieved through Buddhist teachings and a resignation and separation from the world and all its temptations. The fundamental feeling one comes out of this film with is that of having stepped into another world where the same rules do not apply. Watching the nuns heard yacks, make butter, built their new retreat center, etc. one is struck with how regulated their movements are. They know just how to economize their movements in order to get the most out of their actions without unduly taxing themselves. It??s interesting to view a film about women whose sexuality is so hidden, but not to the point that it is entirely absent. Although all the signs of typical femininity are removed (tight binding clothing, heads shaved, no jewelry other than religious tokens) it necessarily creeps in when the women are busy doing other things to fulfill their duty for the day. Certain gestures, eye movements betray the measures to denounce the feminine and to instill a hardened, masculine structure to their lives. These women attend a college in which they study all the tenets of Buddhist philosophy in order to strengthen their Karma and to learn how to most effectively honor the teachings of the great masters.Each life in this film is demonstrated to be united to a singular essence which is the fundamentals of the Buddhist approach to life and all living things. Several times throughout the film teachings of Buddha are shown on a black screen. Simple wisdoms that help to inform the essential course these women have traveled on to get to this point. There is strength in their numbers and a sense of protection and safety that allows them to exist almost like children in a perpetual state of wonder and gaiety. The totality of their existence is well controlled and it is this structure that seems to prevent large breakouts of mental illness and forms of physical disease that plague urban areas everywhere. Although the film doesn??t show any nuns who might be suffering from mental illness, it appears that there is no allowance for such afflictions in this codified environment. Their lives are structured, organized, and purposeful. They know what they are going to do from day to day and are virtually free of anxiety. This film clearly suggests that such a lifestyle, if you can even call it that, is much healthier both mentally and physically that the contemporary one enjoyed by both city dwellers across the globe.Overall, this is an extraordinary introduction into the lives of women committed to live lives that do not require nearly as much maintenance as those in Urban areas throughout the world. There choice is to work on not wanting anything whatsoever for themselves and to strive to become perfectly content with simply their Buddhist mantras and the simple existence they are able to eke out for themselves from their work. The music in this film is mostly chants and songs performed by the women in the Monastery. It has a haunting, uplifting quality that underlines the severity of the life that is lead by these women. The work looks long and difficult and one gets the impression upon finishing this film that there is simply no end to it. It??s part of the process of getting over personal desire; somehow it breaks a person of their tendency to seek out those measures that are most convenient. In this film, these nuns are depicted as living free of the debris that plagues mankind who choose to live in cities. This allows them to fully engage in meditation and prayer which is most certainly most effective in creating lasting change throughout the universe. These women are praying and chanting for the world and it is their clarity of vision that allows this most awesome and necessary act to reach beyond the simply life of mere man to something greater and far vaster.

Private U (de) wrote: Whats wrong with Akshay Kumar to act in this movie?! I couldn't even finish, although the songs were good.

The Critic (nl) wrote: In-name only sequel to the 1984 Tom Hanks caper that fails miserably as an addition to the franchise and doesn't fare the much better as a stand-alone piece. Josh Cooke is a very charming lead as groom-to-be Ron and Danny Jacobs is lots of fun as Seth, the friend who believes that he's discovered Adolf Hitler's granddaughter. But the rest of the pack isn't very likeable, exhibiting levels of misogyny and homophobia that are out of place here, even for this type of movie. Unfortunately, this party's a fizzler.

Aaron C (fr) wrote: a funny movie on the fantasies, manias and insecurities of an aged author. This movie is more humorous and less dark than Elegy, and borders on realismo magico, which works quite well.

Mike P (nl) wrote: The worst war movie I have watched its overly Americanized and has no accurate relation to history in anyway other then the fact the movie takes place in ww2 setting

Befani G (au) wrote: I love Jennifer Tilly more than Arnold Schwarzenegger! :OAnd all the other girls in this are wayhottoo! Great film, even the script is decent + amusing in places. *ramble ramble*

Dylan K (ag) wrote: Rife with "gotcha! It was just a part of the movie being filmed within the movie," moments a few of this forgettable sequels' deaths are momentarily interesting. With a handful of stabs (pardon the pun) at references to classic horror films (murder by camera lens ala "Peeping Tom"; "Hitchcock Presents" theme music) an affected air of horror movie knowledge lurks at the edges of this a-typical b-movie procedural. Which just makes it all the more annoying when nothing original or clever happens the entire time and the ending, far from being a twist, is a mangled rat's nest of uninspired end tying. I wouldn't even recommend this to people who liked the first one.

Eliane B (ru) wrote: I was hoping for some witty UK action movie reminiscent of Guy Ritchie flicks but instead got this horrible indie flick with absolutely no plot or character development whatsoever. Didn't make it past the first 30 minutes - one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Bill T (de) wrote: While I wasn't OVERWHELMED by it, TMD is a good film, about a woman trying to get over the loss of her husband. I thought Juliet Stevenson was fantastic in this. I don't know though, it didn't give me the emotional overload that I thought I was going to have. Oh well.

HoT StReAk BlOnDe (it) wrote: so forth its bit unfairly done.?

wedstarfish 8 (fr) wrote: This video game adaptation tries way too hard trying to be a awesome action film, as it gives you bad acting, no plot whatsoever, and only fighting/action scenes. It is cool, but not really even a film, as I can totally see why critics hated this. The action is not nonstop, and throughout the film it is boring. This film could have done way better.

Bill Z (jp) wrote: That is her gift, for celebrity behind screen