I Am Happiness on Earth

I Am Happiness on Earth

Emiliano looks at his life with the eyes of a film director, mixing the objective reality with the processes of the artistic creation. The story he is filming flounders with his daily life, until his world is trapped in the lens of his camera. Confused, always alone and in front of a screen, now become a transfigured reality, but at the same time a measurable, controllable and manipulable one, he listens in loop to a song: one of those songs you sing or repeat as a prayer and forcing you to remember, believe and convince yourself.

Emiliano looks at his life with the eyes of a film director, mixing the objective reality with the processes of the artistic creation. The story he is filming flounders with his daily life,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris D (ru) wrote: It's exploitative, unrealistic, unlistenable, unwatchable and sets American race relations back 100 years - I'm not sure what audience 'Freelancers' geared itself towards but it wasn't me...Curtis Jackson is an awful actor with no stage presence whatsoever and Robert DeNiro needs to review his scripts before accepting roles.

Hope L (au) wrote: Paper Heart. Think about the meanings of those two words.'Paper' - a substance both versatile and frail, eternally renowned but so fragile, so easy to completely destroy at the turn of a hand. And yet through paper, mankind has documented, dramatised, mocked, and passed on their judgements and insights and world-shattering views - or even fleeting thoughts that may not, at first glance, seem to mean much, for millennia. 'Heart' - once thought of to be the source of all emotion, all thought, all life. Now rendered obsolete in all but the latter. Once a symbol of love, the heart has been commercialised to an extent that it now carries little meaning when it presents itself in popular culture. The heart is our most vital muscle, yet it is also very weak, and very communicative. It beats when we laugh, when we cry. When you write an irate review of a film that you don't like for reasons you don't care for, to take up time that you don't value - your heart beats in agony. When I write a review of a film that I regard as beautiful - my heart beats as I sigh in the knowledge that it seems to be more fun to judge words upon their length and aesthetic quality than upon what they mean.Your Valentine's Day card was made of paper, and it probably contained a picture of a heart.You may have gathered, by now, that I thought highly of 'Paper Heart'. I think that it was beautifully awkward and insightful depiction of humans who dare to question concepts that are universally accepted. To me, it was not 'indie'. Nor was it a mockudocudrama. It was, to me, a stream of thoughts and emotions, bound together much as you would see a chain of paper hearts.I loved the fact that it was neither 'real' or 'imaginary'. I loved the fact that there was no distinguishing between whether you were seeing people acting, or people living. Because I don't watch films to 'escape reality'. I watch films because humans are fascinating creatures: whether they were born, or created. I watch films to enhance my reality. To me, I couldn't give a flying fuck whether Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera were 'actually' "in a relationship" - what matters is their story. What matters is that you see humans; you see lives; you see love. You do not see gossip.Perhaps you find this annoying. Perhaps you think that characters should be either 'real' or 'fictional'. Perhaps you think that your lead characters should be pretty and handsome and articulate about their emotions. Perhaps you watch films because life is too interesting and you need formulaic parables to make you forget the complexities that weigh down your heart. But then perhaps you should go back to watching 'Grease' or 'Mamma Mia' or another faceless, nameless film from a box covered with glossy pictures of Jennifer Anniston, and stop hating Paper Heart. Because in the time you spend slagging off Charlyne Yi's body or demeanour or 'unladylike' facial structure, another film about love has been made. Another person has been hurt, broken. Another couple have gotten married, some more divorced. Another baby has been born into a world where people give up precious moments to be hateful towards one another for no apparent reason. That baby, too, will grow up to have their words judged upon sight, and their meaning discarded. That baby may too, grow to write venomous reviews of films that they don't understand. Or perhaps, just perhaps....that baby will look at people and see beauty. Not glasses, or awkwardness, or pointlessness. Not long words, not short words, but words. Perhaps this hypothetical baby (yes, they may not be 'real') will grow into a person who actually cannot be fucked to go out of their way to attempt to make people feel bad about themselves.Does calling Charlyne Yi 'ugly' or Michael Cera 'geeky', or really put anything in perspective, or make you feel anything positive? Bitchiness can be insanely fun - everyone is a bitch, and we should be proud of this. But being condescending? Why? If you don't love this film - keep NOT loving it! You are entirely within rights to hate something, and to be really pissed off with how it presents itself. Just don't be bitter. Yes, hate it if you must. But don't go out of your way to fuck with someone's dreams. This film is totally harmless, even if you find it annoying. So actually, if you don't like it - is it really worthy of your hatred?

lisa p (kr) wrote: It was okay. Not the best though.

Chris D (jp) wrote: Unique, cute and fun. Great for kids or adults.

Andrew P (mx) wrote: Was a good idea, but it didn't get pulled off well. I thought it was interesting, but could have been done better.

Anthony B (kr) wrote: Mr Greenaways most accessible next to the pillow book of course. Mighty enjoyable. and just love orchestration of the scenery scenes.

Russell C (jp) wrote: How did this not get a theatrical run? It's got a great cast, smart writing, and it's really well paced. I thought it was excellent. If you're a fan of interesting, cerebral suspensful thrillers, this is worth checking out.

Caroline S (br) wrote: reminds me too much of my dads old appartment uhh want that memory out of my head!

David L (fr) wrote: Million Dollar Baby is too depressing, but mostly very powerful in its emotion and so well written with a superb script. Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank all gave amazing performances, their characters are so well developed, the drama here is incredibly engaging and moving to watch, the score is great and the directing is fantastic. It is such a stupendous movie that is one of the most deserved Best Picture winners of the decade.

Ian S (ca) wrote: The film follows the General in the three months leading up to the decisive invasion that would turn the tide of World War II toward the Allied powers. The film opens with Winston Churchill (Ian Mune) appointing Eisenhower as the Supreme Allied Commander. Ike faces conflicts with British General Montgomery (Bruce Phillips), American General George Patton (Gerald McRaney), and French leader Charles de Gaulle (George Shevtsov). Eisenhower must balance these men's egos as he organizes the risky but necessary military maneuver, The fate of countries is at stake

John L (us) wrote: Bizarre and a bit of a hard core porn film, but still quite moving

Mark A (kr) wrote: Kevin Smith's satire on religion is just as bonkers and inconsistent as you'd expect, but there's genuine insight and provocation that shines through, making it one of his better flicks

Film C (ru) wrote: I loved and enjoyed the manga. Looks iconic and inpressing.

Brendan (nl) wrote: One of THE worst slashers ever. Wooden acting, cheesy gore FX, huge plot holes. Proof any moron with a camera can make a movie. So bad its good.

Kurtis E (kr) wrote: Elvis' only good musical and a highlight in Margret's then bubbling career.

Jasmina L (nl) wrote: your supposed to watch it when your high, then its much funnier. i found this movie funny!