I Am Virgin

I Am Virgin

After surviving a devastating global epidemic, lonely virgin Robby finds himself hunted down by the only other survivors of the lethal virus — impossibly hot women who have turned into blood-crazed, sex-obsessed vampires. Can Robby keep himself pure, or will he succumb to the lusty bloodsuckers and doom himself to their fate?

A pandemic virus has seemingly infected everyone on Earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I Am Virgin torrent reviews

Michael R (ag) wrote: Decent Caper Movie....

Weaam M (ca) wrote: we can call this: "how to make a dream come true" too

Mark N (us) wrote: Some of the dodgiest English accents this side of Keanu. The morality tale is laid on thick but the connection with the making of The African Queen was intriguing but the fictionalization of the people involved does lessen the impact of watching a bio-pic. Fahey & Eastwood seem to be having a lot of fun with their characters and were charming to watch playing against type in what you assume was a passion project for Eastwood.

Alex Z (de) wrote: I'll give it a slightly better rating then the original as it's not quite as disgraceful as it but it still blows ass.

Bass 9 (gb) wrote: This movie is boring, just like her life. It also explains why french are so freaking romantic.

Randy P (gb) wrote: I could go for a walk in the sewers and find better crap then this.

Cattera Y (ru) wrote: Let's be Copsmovie clichs can be fun sometimes

Chris B (ca) wrote: would be a great film if it didn't fall apart in the third part.

Dan H (kr) wrote: Liked this movie. Wondering what's next. Nice twist.

Hal F (fr) wrote: One of the most irresponsible and worst movies I have seen in a very long time. Giving cannabis in an edible form without folks knowledge, is dangerous to say the very least and illegal.