I Am Waiting

I Am Waiting

Jôji is a boxer barred from the ring; Saeko is a singer whose voice is gone. Lost souls, they meet one night by a quay; she may be thinking of suicide. He invites her to his café, and perhaps he will rescue her from the cabaret where she's under contract to a vicious mob leader. When the boss insists on her return, Jôji is bitter. He also despairs over lost dreams. His brother has gone to Brazil to purchase a farm; Jôji planned to join him but now believes his brother abandoned him. When Jôji discovers a clue about his brother, he needs Saeko's help. Like a fighter in the ring, he pursues the truth relentlessly, without regard for his own safety. Will it cost his life?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:medal,   dream,   cabaret,  

Jôji is a boxer barred from the ring; Saeko is a singer whose voice is gone. Lost souls, they meet one night by a quay; she may be thinking of suicide. He invites her to his café, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael B (kr) wrote: Long... But interesting concept

Lee H (it) wrote: Lots of funny moments and a soppy love story. More of a older children's film but good for the whole family. Nearly all the animals in the film were real but CGI for their lips so it is as realistic as it can be for talking animals.

Josh G (fr) wrote: A friend and I picked up Stupid Teenagers Must Die a couple of days ago based on the fact that both the DVD case and the DVD itself proclaim in bold letters, WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND GRATUITOUS NUDITY. Our suspicions were that this was a lie meant simply to entice cheap-horror nerds like ourselves. My friend joked that there would be nothing in the movie, then at the end they would look at the camera and say, "Gotcha!" It's difficult for me to say exactly how I feel about the movie. On the one hand, it is irrefutably bad -- so much so that I don't know whether I could have stood it on my own. We open with a dimly-lit, muffled shot of a couple having clothed sex on the couch, after which the girl leaves and the man gets stabbed in the neck. Ketchup-bottle blood squirts out of his neck, then he falls down while the camera watches the fake blood pool around him for a couple of minutes. But that's just a prologue. The real movie involves several annoying teenagers meant to fulfill '80s stereotypes, since that's when the movie takes place -- even though a sepia colored film doesn't make an obviously modern setting look older. The teens want to hold a seance, but of course something goes awry and people begin dying off one by one. The dialogue is stupid ("This is some sick, fucked up twist in a sick, fucked up game that you sick, fucked up assholes are playing!"), but not stupid enough to be funny. The acting is terrible. The nudity is far from gratuitous. In fact, the movie seems to purposely squander opportunities for nudity. Take the clothed sexual encounter on the couch in the opening, or how about after a girl gets fake blood on herself -- one of the guys tells her that the shower works, and the then uses the sink to provide a short topless scene. Which is why Stupid Teenagers Must Die is difficult to rate. From the title alone, it's obvious that this movie is a satire of the horror genre. The characters are purposely stereotypical, the acting intentionally bad, the lighting and sound intentionally turned down. So is the fact that the violence looks like a high school film project part of the joke? Is the fact that there is very limited nudity in the movie part of the joke? Is the joke on me for thinking this is a bad movie? Is Stupid Teenagers Must Die really a movie that is just pretending to be bad in order to make fun of other movies like this, and, by association, horror fans like myself? So there we have these two ways to look at the movie. In the one view, we've got a movie made by a few friends with a camera and a shoestring budget that just turned out bad. This explains why after the credits roll, they flash the address for the myspace page of the band who did the music for the film. In the other view, it's a movie made by people who knew what they were doing and had every intention of making this movie as campy as possible in the name of providing a jab at the horror genre in general. This explains why -- just as my friend supposed would happen -- one of the actors looks at the camera after the credits and yells, "Gotcha!" As for me, I'm thinking that it falls somewhere in between. The idea may have been to satirize the horror genre, but the filmmakers seem to think that they're much better at what they're doing than they really are; so the movie ends up being taken at face value, as the exact type of film that the movie is supposedly criticizing. Superficial in-jokes (the characters names are Alfie, Jamie, Sissy, etc.) and hilarious dialogue may sound clever on paper, but that doesn't come across on-screen. At best, Stupid Teenagers Must Die feels like a first draft that should have been re-worked two or three more times.

Catherine v (au) wrote: Beautiful photography. Too bad it ends there - a collage of strong pictures with nothing to glue it together. Poorly developed characters & narrative.

Taba H (ru) wrote: Tavallinen ysaritoiminta jokseenkin eksoottisella aiheella ja typeralla ilmiselvalla nimella, viggo leukoineen vasta reenailee parempia rooleja varten, japsien yakuza meininki ja kulttuurin "kiehtovuus" ei oikein vality ruudulle, halpaa skeidaa...

Brenda S (us) wrote: Harmless expansion of the children's TV show.

Eric B (mx) wrote: Fritz Lang's "Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler" is so full of action and suspense that you may forget that it's a silent while watching. And sure, its length is intimidating (about four hours, in two parts), but it's really no chore to sit through if you spread your viewing across two nights.The film's familiar "supervillain" plot is still a fixture of Hollywood cinema. Dr. Mabuse (Rudolf Klein-Rogge) is a psychoanalyst whose mystical powers of mesmerism allow him to control people. This makes him a terror at baccarat, where his glaring eyes compel opponents to make losing choices. He is also a master of disguise (the film's most reliable source of fun), and thus pulls off all sorts of devilish tricks without anyone realizing they're the work of a single person. His crimes are not limited to gambling, and eventually span counterfeiting, rioting, commodities fraud and murder.However, a crafty state attorney named Von Wenk (Bernard Goetzke) finally notices the pattern, and becomes the first authority to pose a serious threat to Mabuse's underworld reign. The battle of wits between these formidable adversaries is the story's core.The film's daunting length is mostly due to all the extended caper sequences. The first two schemes alone span the opening 40 minutes. Subplots with two alluring women -- an exotic dancer who's an accomplice to Mabuse, and a countess who ducks Mabuse's romantic advances and helps out Von Wenk -- also chew up plenty of time. The fate of the countess's vulnerable husband becomes another important element, depicted in detail.Where "Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler" falls short of other Lang classics is its visual imagery. Outside of one secret casino (a performance stage can lower over a retractable dealer's table at a moment's notice), the dazzling sets of films like "Metropolis" and "Die Nibelungen" are in short supply. There are a few notable effects and props -- hypnotic words superimposed over the action, a shot of Mabuse's "floating" head, a couple of laughably phallic costumes from a burlesque show, one multi-image segment with avenging ghosts -- but most scenes take place in everyday room interiors. Still, Klein-Rogge's bulging eyes are practically a special effect on their own.

Brandon S (us) wrote: I don't know what it is about this obviously ridiculous film, but this is one of the few films that makes me laugh consistently throughout. It's hilarious, exciting, and it features one of the Rowan Atkinson's finest performances. One of my favorite comedies that I've seen.

Alfredo20 R (ca) wrote: Words can't describe what a tour de force this movie is, The Action was beyond cool the pacing was great and there was never one dull moment. This film is a must-see, another job well done Marvel.