I Am Wrath

I Am Wrath

A man is out for justice after a group of corrupt police officers are unable to catch his wife's killer.

A man sets out to get his own justice after police are unable to catch his wife's killer. As he and his old friend inflict their revenge, those involved in the cover up realise that the duo is more dangerous than they could ever have imagined... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lily B (de) wrote: Beautiful story about love, lost and relationships.

Randy T (jp) wrote: Nice documentary highlighting the important preservation work being done by the National Film Registry.

Samuel H (es) wrote: Turn the brain off and enjoy.

Anthony C (de) wrote: it's a shame the entire 2 hr film isn't available. It's my favorite of all the Cremaster films. This section of the film is a lot of fun.

adam b (ca) wrote: I cannot believe I actually watched a film about a boy farting.

Prithviraj P (ag) wrote: Reasons you should watch this movie for - Liv Tyler-I'd not mind looking at her even in any Uwe boll film.I'm a bit depressed that she gets wasted in the film. Stefania Sandrelli-God she'll never look old. Jeremy Irons-Yes,in a good supporting role. Apart from these points, some nice cinematography.That's all there is to it. But if you know Bernard Bertollucci,you know what to expect.

Francis M (it) wrote: A likeable idea, telling the story by friends and the first hour is fresh, then goes a little lost for more ideas in the second. Good comedy flick to pass Sunday afternoons.

Dave H (de) wrote: Crystal the performer knows a lot more about timing than Crystal the writer/director: this flick has some hilarious, classic Crystal schtick, but suffers from a serious lag in the second half - it slows down so much to brood on the issues of a long term relationship that it forgets to be funny. The clever framing device of the yuppie friends in the restaurant discussing the couple works really well, with some great supporting roles, but, the chemistry really ain't there that much with this duo - their best scenes (Crystal with mates, at sperm clinic, or on the court/Winger's with a skyrodent) are apart, not together. Yet there are enough classic Crystal zingers flying around to make this worthwhile, and I really appreciate the pathos of this piece - most romantic comedies STOP when the couple get together, this one really just starts then - and the obstacles to their relationship are not the usual corny contrivances and misunderstandings we're bombarded with, but instead - reality: the way different priorities (jobs/family) provide a perpetual battleground between personal growth and relationship commitment. This flick cops out with the traditional contrived ending, but what comes before - while often not comedy - rings true enough to give some appreciation of the bravery of Crystal to get this through the Hollywood system.

Cody M (nl) wrote: This was a really good film. The chemistry is great from the two actors and the story is solid.

Dylan P (es) wrote: A revolutionary masterpiece of the Western genre, filled with high level direction, sweeping cinematography, haunting music and landmark performances, Sergio Leone's fourth film stands proud as a timeless cinematic myth that will appeal to audiences fifty years from now.

monsieur r (es) wrote: A real bow-wow, this sucker smells worse than 3 days of relatives on your wedding night. Man is "tormented" by a ghost, a former lover who would not take the hint to get lost. A blind landlady completes this torrid and tormented film. Directed, written and produced by Bert Gordon. Must have been a real low budget film. He might have starred in it too. Jazz pianist Tom Stewart (Carlson), who lives on a Cape Cod island community, is preparing to marry his fiancee Meg. Shortly before the wedding, Tom's old girlfriend Vi (Juli Reding) visits and informs him that she will end Tom's relationship with Meg, using blackmail if necessary. While arguing on top of a lighthouse, the railing Vi is leaning against gives way. She manages to briefly hang on, but Tom refuses to help and watches her fall to her death. Moderately paced, this is one of those questionalble films that are fun to scorn. As serious cinema? Come on, not even close. But as I vowed not to review rottens, I barely gave this a fresh. Hey, do I want to be haunted by a female ghost? Not a chance, I have Illsa Lund to do that job. NOTES about the film: 1 The "ferry-driving beatnik" mentioned was played by Joe Turkel, who appeared in two other productions from Bert I. Gordon: The Boy and the Pirates and Village of the Giants, and who would go on to play "Lloyd the bartender" in Stanley Kubrick's 1980 version of The Shining; and "Eldon Tyrell" in Ridley Scott's 1982 film, Blade Runner. 2 The MST3K version of the film has been released by Rhino Home Video as part of the Collection, Volume 11 box set. 3 Tormented is a 1960 horror movie directed and produced by Bert I. Gordon for Allied Artists Pictures Corporation, and starring Richard Carlson. Starring Richard Carlson Susan Gordon Lugene Sanders Directed by Bert I. Gordon Produced by Bert I. Gordon Joe Steinberg Written by Bert I. Gordon George Worthing Yates Music by Albert Glasser Calvin Jackson Cinematography Ernest Laszlo Editing by John Bushelman Distributed by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation Release date(s) 22 September 1960 Running time 75 min Country United States Films directed by Bert I. Gordon 1950s King Dinosaur (1955) Beginning of the End (1957) The Cyclops (1957) The Amazing Colossal Man (1957) Attack of the Puppet People (1958) War of the Colossal Beast (1958) Earth vs. the Spider (1958) 1960s The Boy and the Pirates (1960) Tormented (1960) The Magic Sword (1962) Village of the Giants (1965) Picture Mommy Dead (1966) 1970s Necromancy (1972) The Mad Bomber (1973) The Food of the Gods (1976) Empire of the Ants (1977) 1980s Burned at the Stake (1981) 1990s Satan's Princess (1990)

George R (es) wrote: Whoo--ohhhh. John Wayne, Donna Reed. Robert Montgomery. PT Boat extravaganza in the PI at the beginning of WWII. Quote: "Listen Brick, for years I've been taking your advice and it's never been any good...."