I Athina ti nyhta

I Athina ti nyhta

A documentary-like comedy about the Athenian nightlife of 60's

A documentary-like comedy about the Athenian nightlife of 60's . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kurt R (br) wrote: Middle of the road- competently made with good performances from the two leads. Interesting enough concept not fully realized. Limited sets and actors, not a bad film but not a great one either. Rental.

Siddharth K (jp) wrote: Tooo good!!!Best SRK movie till date!!Do critics who gave negative reviews to this film actually watched this film or did they forget their brains at home when they watching it?

Carole B (au) wrote: Okay, I have to admit, the acting was very poor, but I loved the message it sent across about the explanation of UFO sightings...so I give a high rating for that part.

Asa B (au) wrote: A film of two vastly different halves, yet both are equally fun and hilarious.

Mourad A (ru) wrote: A very touching and revealing documentary about Bob Marley and the politics at the time.

Daniel C (it) wrote: I can't say that it goes far, far beyond the genre, but I can say that this is one of the best movie adaptations of shakespeare or his work.