I Belong

I Belong

A nurse gets into a dispute at work because she switches to speaking English when she gets nervous. A translator compromises her integrity when persuaded to translate a book she doesn't believe in. An elderly woman and her daughter are humiliated when offered a present of one million kroner from a relative. A warm and nuanced film about people who all mean well, but end up hurting one another.

What happens to us when people stop acting like they're supposed to? A nurse gets into a dispute at work because she switches to speaking English when she gets nervous. A translator ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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I Belong torrent reviews

Nicole A (fr) wrote: Great story, two parts, one great humble musician the other a passionate Director paying homage to the tale.

Karen H (au) wrote: 2016-01-09 ha. .... ha. meh.

Jennie P (ca) wrote: was told to check it outt

Paul M (kr) wrote: Weird Lifetime movie. I don't know why I watched it, except that it was on, it was late, and I was too lazy to move or turn off the TV.

ToyahKate M (jp) wrote: Enjoyed this film, I love Robin Williams!

Sean H (ca) wrote: Man one of the Christmas movie. I gave it 5 stars because who doesn't like elf i mean let's be honest. Elf is a really funny movie. I just like it because we watch it every Christmas Eve and it gets funnier every time we watch it .

Chance P (it) wrote: Great movie heopeninging as some might say. Its a smooth. Yet raw, mix of optimism nostalgia humor and seriousness.

Ruth L (ru) wrote: Charming but kinda stupid.

Andrs R (ag) wrote: Qu bueno Toms y David. Y con Pepe Sancho jajajajajajaja. Totalmente inverosmil :)

Ruben A (de) wrote: saw a scene this comes off as totally goofy!

Kat M (fr) wrote: If only every man could be like John Wayne!!

Angela K (us) wrote: I watched this for the first time in 1979, so it began a lifelong facination for English History...

Justin J (kr) wrote: Not a huge fan of the Taken series but this spoof was pretty hilarious but also really dumb.

Thadd C (ag) wrote: It was a decent watch but it didn't provide anything I hadn't expected to see.