I briganti

I briganti


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:I briganti 1983 full movies, I briganti torrents movie

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I briganti torrent reviews

Dolores H (nl) wrote: A raw and violent look at the pecking order of prison life and how to survive it. Well acted and believable.

Jasrick J (jp) wrote: An inspiring tale, Jai (salman) is an honest and fearless guy who stands against injustice and corruption. He has a small family comprising of his sister Geetha (tabu), mom (nadira) and his girlfriend (daisy). Jai's funda is clear, help someone and ask that person to help someone else. In this process, he collides with an evil politician (danny denzongpa). The issue becomes personal and how Jai who is also an ex-army officer deals with the situation forms the rest.The director has come up with a remake storyline and while the presentation was rich, the narrative was quite absorbing. The dialogues were well written with good punches. The script was moderate but the screenplay made it lot better. The background score was melodious but songs were a letdown. Cinematography was efficient. Editing was crisp. Costumes were well designed to suit the royalty while the art department was majestic. Salman Khan carries the entire film on his shoulders and he charms with his performance.Its his best film since wanted and this time he wows with his acting chops.Danny Denzongpa was equally good and he gave a powerful act. Tabu was neat and elegant, Nadira was natural, Daisy Shah was sensuous and dances well. Sana Khan made her presence felt. The others did their bit as required and added value.The film happens to be the remake of the Telugu blockbuster Stalin starring Chiranjeevi and this time, the director stuck to the plot without deviating. He only added some extra masala for Salman fans. The first half goes on a lighter note with elements of comedy, romance and some action. But the film changes track in second half with a lot of intensity and serious message to the viewers. Overall, this is a film which not only appeases the Salman fans like me but also the other genre of audience. Overall its a entertainers with all elements to make the audience go crazy, but the film also has strong message that you will carry home, help 3 people PLEASE.....

Nate N (br) wrote: Now this is a story! Dancing as always was amazing. The acting is real and has quality. The characters have a purpose. They are not vanilla! Which is great because it makes the movie better.

Brian D (jp) wrote: I didn't realize it was a John Cusack movie until oh about 1 minute in, then it became obvious. It started out labored, and honestly probably never got any better, but I do enjoy the tone of most of his stuff. But really, nothing special, certainly not the plot, even it was meant to be some kind of commentary. Marisa Tomei didn't save this, and it's probably one of her least interesting performances. Her outfit at the end was pretty damn nice though.

K W (fr) wrote: Cool action follow up. Not as good as the first. Love the English dub. LOL

Wes S (gb) wrote: It starts off pretty slow and corny, and ends extremely cool and gritty. There's a lot of Evil Dead feelings in his (which wasn't released until after this), and while there isn't a ton of gore, there is some nice camp and eerie moments, plus a rather cool though brisk ending. Ultimately, it drags on for too long, but the last 30 minutes are worth a check-out at least.

Dirt E D (es) wrote: This is one of those movies that could (and have) watch over and over without being bored. Jim Kelley is a god. This is slightly better than Black Samurai, which is classic just the same.

TonyPolito (mx) wrote: Wow! A gorgeous and moving coming-of-age epic. And that's just not me talking. According to online sources, "Turkish Delight" was voted by the Dutch as their favorite film of the 20th Century. There's far more here for the viewer than its ubiquitous full frontal content. A starving artist (Hauer) fantasizes revenge upon his lost love (Van de Ven) & pursues meaningless trysts, demeaning his partners. The romance that has led Hauer to this low point is then retold in such detail that the viewer is totally immersed within it. Then - when the two meet again comes his redemption - and yet that meeting also brings an even greater sadness. And what a climax when the viewer finally sees the scene from whence the film's title is drawn. The result is a transfixing coming-of-age character study, where Hauer slowly morphs from immature, socially awkward and emotionally shallow into an individual who truly understands the emotion and responsibilities of compassion & love, changed forever by the spell that Van de Ven's innocence and desire cast over him. And in 'real-life" her performance cast such a spell, a performance so compelling, that the film's cinematographer wed the 19-year-old actress at its completion.The viewer is also rewarded with a number of extraordinary screen compositions along the journey; one striking example is Van de Ven as a posed nude across red satin sheets & surrounded by candles - and doppelled in the tilted mirror over their bed. RECOMMENDATION: Though it is nearly impossible to find the DVD, "Turkish Delight" is a dramatic, erotic romance not to be missed.

Facebook U (kr) wrote: Nothing about this movie is original, the payoff could have been better, and some parts feel just plain disjointed, but the entertainment it provides still bathes in wit and amusement, making RockinRolla a solid time with the movies.

Sam M (ru) wrote: Mysterious and thrilling, nostalgic win.