I Can See You

I Can See You

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Three young ad-men enter the woods for a photo shoot, but a girlfriend's mysterious disappearance sparks a harrowing descent into unreality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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I Can See You torrent reviews

John B (gb) wrote: The Jokes are all recycled from the First Film. Absolutely horrendous.

James H (au) wrote: When will kids ever learn not to go hiking in the backwoods? Ultra cheap production is a huge minus in this movie, the acting isn't very good, poorly directed and not very scary. Horror garbage.

Magdalena L (kr) wrote: Really good movie! Super sensual but also thought provoking on many levels and so very sad... Saw it 3 times and loved it each time.

Ivelina G (ca) wrote: Fares Fares makes us all laugh again.

Zach P (nl) wrote: A lot of the jokes fall flat, but Joe Dirt has a lot of heart and just enough laughs to keep it fun.

Roland S (ca) wrote: Brutal and wonderful. Lino Ventura is great

James H (jp) wrote: Better than average western, but it's not outstandingf. The performances are fine, especially the supporting cast. Well produced with good locatin footage and cinematography.

jay n (es) wrote: Joan Crawford and John Wayne have zero chemistry, their acting style are completely at odds, the only thing they have in common is the first initial of their names which considering those are stage names pretty much sums up their relationship in this film, phoney. The direction is static which helps not at all. The MGM production values are as high as always but you could give this a pass and do something more worthwhile with your time.

Craig D (it) wrote: Top (10) Comedy of ALL~Time!

Spencer S (es) wrote: Like Ted Mosby, Josh Radnor has a lot of thoughts about the pursuit of knowledge, the impetus of young love, and the sanctity of the written word. His dialogue rings like poetry, and his main character reminds us of the wistfulness of Holden Caulfield, the indifference of "The Graduate", and the romanticism of a Pablo Neruda poem. While Radnor wrote and directed very dreamy characters in a realm of stasis that we can all love easily, and grasp at bigger than life issues, there's just something off about this indie darling. We all must have groaned when we learned that the relationship at the crux of the film is between middle aged Radnor and co-ed Zibby (Olsen). While I believe it was handled with delicacy and thoughtfulness, the trope of the older man being quelled by the "manic pixie dream girl" has been done to death. The side story of the former mentor, played by Richard Jenkins, wasn't quite palatable. Jenkins' character serves as an antagonistic benchmark against the rest of the characters, but every time we see him deal with the complexities of remorse it was absolutely boring. The ending did have me swoon, but made me wonder what the point of Jesse's journey was? Was the moral that we shouldn't stay in the past, or possibly was it that we should chase our dreams? Radnor tries to argue for both points and in the end doesn't cover either succinctly. More time on certain relationships and issues would have created a better story.

Michael A (mx) wrote: i gotta learn how to do that thing jim does with the jack cap!

SarahJessica T (de) wrote: Personally not a fan. It's a heavy drama that borders mania. I guess this is relatable for some but really the story is so ingrained into "taboo" ideals that the plot gets muddied. Bell does a great dramatic effort, I'm just not digging the story, I guess. Not recommended for any that don't read the storyline first. There will be a LOT of scenes that get pretty disturbing pretty fast.