I Catch a Terrible Cat

I Catch a Terrible Cat

Mr. Takada is a successful mature writer who falls into a creative blockade following the death of her wife. Incapable of finishing the novel his fans demand anxiously, and about to turn seventy, he starts wandering several pubs in the city, until he meets Sayo, a beautiful young waitress with sentimental issues she doesn’t hesitate to share with her clients.

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Jeff L (it) wrote: Eddie Murphy is superb in this film. Admittedly, it's a somewhat predictable story line, but a really enjoyable feel-good movie. A solid cast with fine performances. I'm glad to see Murphy on the screen again.

Luke B (es) wrote: Good conclusion to the series. Confusing ending

Stephen M (ag) wrote: This movies takes the cake for worst RedBox horror movie ever rented. I really don't have time to write down all the things that make this terrible. The list is so long college professors could teach semester long lectures on it. If this were in a county fair it was get the Last Place ribbon.

Amanda S (br) wrote: Take Me Home Tonight is an overlooked gem. For those of you expecting to Topher Grace as Eric Foreman, and Anna Faris doing her typical, self-deprecating goofy/cute/slut routine, you will be disappointed, however this movie is more than what it appears on the surface. Anyone in their mid- to late-twenties will immediately identify with the longing and desperation Grace and his friends exude throughout the film. This is much deeper than a coming of age story, it's a full-blown quarter life crisis packed into one night. Matt (Grace) recently graduated from MIT, but is in Suncoast, his "rest stop," as he describes it to one successful schoolmate who stops in. Who hasn't been there? The questions- Who am I? What do I do with my life? Where am I going? while it seems like friend after friend is travelling the world, landing amazing jobs, getting everything they want. His friends Barry has it even worse- he skipped college and now he's being left behind. This is a great slice of early adult life, set against what could have been a raucous 80's party backdrop, but instead is an exploration into debauchery, jaded excess, and wrong decisions that have the potential to drag you down and take you places you never wanted to go.

Amanda H (mx) wrote: The ultimate revenge.

Marc L (es) wrote: Dernier-ne parmi les portages des aventures du petit Gaulois en dessin-anime, "Asterix et les vikings" est base sur un des episodes les plus amusants de la serie. Ca, c'est un bon point. Le deuxieme bon point, c'est que cette co-production franco-danoise est techniquement tres travaillee, tout en demeurant fidele aux codes de la bande dessinee. Passons maintenant aux sujets qui fachent. Le deroulement des operations, lui, s'eloigne sensiblement de la BD meme si, au final, l'esprit et les differents evenements restent, bon gre mal gre, preserves. Secundo, parmi les "nouveaux" elements, on aurait facilement pu zapper la romance disneyenne a deux balles qui n'apporte pas grand chose. Tertio, si Uderzo et Goscinny ont toujours aime caricaturer leur epoque a travers Asterix, ca me fout un peu les glandes d'entendre Amel Bent et M.Pokora dans une salle de banquet viking. Enfin bon, voila, j'ai fini de raler. Positivons, objectivons : "Asterix & les vikings" est un chouette dessin anime europeen, bien realise, occasionnellement amusant, qui se destine a la generation de gobelins actuels pour qui ouvrir un bloc-de-papier-avec-des-trucs-ecrits-dessus semble une mission impossible. Si ca peut leur faire decouvrir Asterix, apres tout...les puristes raleurs comme moi n'auront qu'a passer leur chemin.

Lamar W (de) wrote: for a slice of devils pie

Justin M (us) wrote: This film was well worth watching, even with it's shortcomings for the scenery and setting alone. I wish I could see more films set in this time period showing the conflicts that this one does. It seems like stories about the rise of Christianity to power in the world would be filled with either a polemic of anger and resentment, or a glossing over abuses that is very close to blatant plagiarism. It's a polarizing bit of history that certainly isn't easy or without warranted levels of controversy. It's a subject not for the faint of heart if any attempt is going to be made to handle the conflicting viewpoints fairly. This film, while not without shortcomings, tries very hard to handle sides fairly. I felt the story was told honestly and that it didn't both to try and involve itself in making political/religious statements outside of what the characters express about the decisions they wrestle with. The "pagans," the Jews, and the Christians are all treated fairly, and I would hope anyone who watches this film will be inspired to try and discover more about the history that has shaped our world. I actually want to watch the film again on BluRay just to take in the beauty of some of the shots. It's a lovely little epic that was unfairly panned by nearly everyone.

Olly H (nl) wrote: unterhaltsamer thriller

Justin C (it) wrote: More laughs. More entertaining. Another fun underwater adventure. If you love sponge bob, you'll love it!

Chris S (ru) wrote: French horror is a genre that's grown exponentially in the past six years or so, at least when it comes to what's been making its way to U.S. shores. High Tension seemed to open the doors of interest and delivered levels of violence and gore most modern theatrically released American horror had been lacking up until that point. Inside, Frontier(s), Martyrs, Mutants, and The Horde followed in the coming years and continued to get praise from horror fanatics and gore hounds. The thing about French horror is that there are no limitations. It has no boundaries. That's the main reason fans love it as much as they do. While The Pack can be considered part of the same group as these films, it isn't nearly as powerful as any of the films mentioned. Charlotte (milie Dequenne) is traveling cross-country without any real destination in mind. She attracts the attention of a biker gang and picks up a hitchhiker named Max (Benjamin Biolay) to throw them off her trail. Charlotte and Max eventually end up at La Spack, a dilapidated shack that's been modified into a roadside restaurant. Their paths cross with the biker gang once again and a bit of a scuffle breaks out. The fight is broken up by the woman who runs La Spack (Yolande Moreau) and Max disappears after going into the bathroom and never coming back out. Charlotte then finds herself trapped in a cage after snooping around in places she shouldn't. Their captors then make themselves known and begin preparing Charlotte and another prisoner as meals for a horde of cannibalistic guests. I had this feeling of anxiousness and excitement as The Pack began. A good portion of the French horror films mentioned in this review were a little disappointing, but the interest is still there. When this genre does deliver, it's something special. The Pack was odd right from the start. There's a lot of joking around in the beginning of the film and a ton of dialogue about sex. Nearly all of the characters have bizarre quirks; Charlotte doesn't seem to want anything to do with men, Max is emotionless and cold, the La Spack owner is obviously up to something, and Chinaski (Philippe Nahon), an old man who calls himself a sheriff of sorts, walks a bike around, says, "Hi ho Silver" to it and makes horse noises repeatedly, and runs around in a "I f*** on the first date" T-shirt. It's difficult to get a read on where The Pack is headed when it has elements of comedy, mystery, and thriller as it gets going. But The Pack eventually goes down the horror path though and mostly sticks to it. Its music is fairly haunting as it jumps back and forth between sounding like a warped lullaby and trying to seduce you with grungy and distorted guitars. The first scene at La Spack sticks out, as well. You hear nothing but The Twilight Zone pinball machine noises in the background while sloppy takedowns and yelling fill up the foreground during the melee between Charlotte and Max and the biker gang. You also probably won't ever hear, "John Wayne," without thinking of this film after viewing it. But once these creatures are introduced is when things get interesting and everything takes a turn into horror territory. Imagine the crawlers from The Descent breeding with Voldemort from Harry Potter and you have a pretty good idea of what these suckers look like. They're bloodthirsty and their hunger seems to be unquenchable. The only downside is that there's so little of them. The entire film is a slow burn to the last twenty minutes or so. While the finale is the most intriguing aspect of The Pack, it doesn't fully deliver. The ending is really peculiar; not overly good or bad but unusual. Nothing is really resolved or fully explained. And somehow nobody who picks up a gun in this film has ever heard of a headshot. The Pack does nothing more than whet your appetite and make you wish it had more to offer. The Pack does have its moments. It's at the very least intriguing from start to finish and has some pretty fantastic make-up effects. There's also some outstanding gore featured whether it involves a severed head, exploding appendages, or a major organ being ripped from someone's chest and fed upon. Fans of the genre should still check this out. The downside is that The Pack is the weakest French horror film to date and is mostly kind of forgettable by the time you finish it. Despite its fair share of dismemberment, bloodshed, and excellent make-up, The Pack never really gets beyond mediocre territory.