Four policemen go undercover and infiltrate a gang of football hooligans hoping to root-out their leaders. For one of the four, the line between 'job' and 'yob' becomes more unclear as time passes . . .

. . For one of the four, the line between 'job' and 'yob' becomes more unclear as time passes . Four policemen go undercover and infiltrate a gang of football hooligans hoping to root-out their leaders

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Users reviews

Andrew M (es)

This one just missed out on that birdie, and will have to settle for a par. It does have the same kind of deliberate aimlessness of Meatballs and Animal House, which at least allows for light and mostly entertaining viewing. It seems to try to aim for brief stints of character development as well, but it lacks the sweet charm of the main relationship in Meatballs. Frankly speaking, their portion of the film is dull, and rarely packs the same kind of comedic punch as Animal House (another Ramis screenwriting outing), and the same kind of comedic punch that we know these actors are capable of. Unfortunately, those two have the least amount of screentime in the film: a majority of the movie is focused on Dangerfield and Knight, and the characters involved in their subplot. The moments where Chase and Murray are the focus are truly the highlights, the latter in particular being extra hilarious in a role that was completely ad-libbed and proving once more his ability to improve a film with his presence alone. There's multiple subplots happening at one in Caddyshack: you have the feud between country club co-founder Judge Elihu Smalls (Ted Knight) and hot-headed Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield), you have Danny Noonan (Michael O'Keefe) working as a caddy and hoping to gather up a scholarship for college, you have the womanizing Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) wrapped up in the golf games, and you have the antics of Carl (Bill Murray) as he attempts to rid the country club of a gopher infestation. Like Meatballs, which Hold Ramis co-wrote a year prior, Caddyshack is a disjointed comedy with a lot of aspects that really work, and a lot of aspects that don't

Brandon P (ca)

the best football movie ive ever seen so good that this movie fits my top 10 thts all that needs to be said

Cathleen K (it)

And I had no idea Stan Shaw is the cousin of Sam Cooke. Blaxploitation kung fu movie that would have been awesome if TNT Jackson was Pam Grier or if she could realistically throw a punch

Cody S (ag)

The remaining accredited spoken roles ( Manuel Tadros, Anne Caron & Jaques Lavalle) are perfect in showing the vignette of small-town, rural Qubec life. The dnouement sends the viewer into a state of shock when "Sarah" (Evelyne Brochu) tells the truth about his soulmate Guillaume, making one ask oneself, Was the napkin note written before or after the events of the film?All in all, I enjoyed his almost Nouvelle-Vagues to the film. Agathe (Lise Roy) is also a dreamy, mentally unstable mother who becomes the go-between of both Francis and Tom. If that isn't shocking enough of a start to a movie, we have Francis (Pierre-Yves Cardinal) Guillaume's older brother who's not only physically and mentally abusive to Tom (Dolan) but there is a kind of twisted sexual energy played aptly by both actors. He is writing a typical lovesick poem on a napkin but unexpectedly finishes with "There is nothing left to do put replace you". Off the bat, we get Dolan's satire on love. With that said, I enjoyed Dolan stretching his wings and trying something out of his comfort zone (typical Dolan is "I killed my mother", "Heartbeats", "Laurence Anyways"). Showing us Americans about "Novelle-France" for which we are mostly ignorant about. Xavier Dolan, enfant terrible of Qubecois filmmaking has done a great service for the French-Canadian film industry, breathing life and showing movies about French-Candians in French Canada can be moneymakers

Ibraheem M (au)

Too dull and Walter Salles made a bad decision in casting Kristen Stewart in his film

Jim T (us)

hame. Just so clumsily delivered. Story was good too. Visually one of the best Marvel movies

John M (es)

Dumb adolescent sex farce, slightly redeemed by realizing that that's all it is, and accordingly taking some entertaining detours

Kamran M (fr)

its absolutly amazing movie

Kyle R (fr)

Overall a good movie about teens who try new things involving gangsters and the hood life. A major issue I had with the movie though was its very abrupt ending and barely had any closure. A decent story that is very different and sometimes there are very graphic and violent scenes. I thought this was a good movie even though there are plenty of annoying characters it only makes the good characters great

Michael H (nl)

This is an adorable after school special sort of story but with little of the artifice and a bit more grit. Lukas Moodysson is remarkably adept at creating movies with credible, naturalistic representations of teen girls