I Deal in Danger

I Deal in Danger

Compilation of the show Blue Light.

During World War II, an American who sympathizes with the Nazi cause defects to Germany, where he is greeted as a hero and given a job broadcasting propaganda to the West. What the Nazis don't know is that he is actually a double agent. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohamed F (ag) wrote: Is it just me or do German movies only have soul when they are about Turks?Much like 'Head-On', even using the same lead actress from the movie, it's about a woman's struggle to be released from the claws of her extremely traditional family and live her own life as a German citizen, though unlike 'Head-On' where the girl was actually a promiscuous slut, this movie deals with a decent woman who wanted to escape from her abusive husband and live her own life decently.The only thing I didn't like about this movie was the very distinctive feminine touch by the writer/director, it just made the whole movie lack intensity, plus, she didn't do much research on the Turkish lifestyle, as on one scene, she showed the traditional family sitting together for a meal in Ramadan in broad daylight.. a fatal mistake IMO.I loved the acting by Sibel and the lady who played her mother, they were amazing, the rest were average, and some just kept hitting bellow the average line, notably the father.

Mark D (es) wrote: Matt Makar co-directed this film. It is a nice follow-up to his previous documentary "Follow the yellow brick road" that appeared on HBO & I highly recommend.

Jason M (mx) wrote: Disappoints after a compelling first hour.

Mickey M (nl) wrote: NTSB investigator "Bill Smith" (Kris Kristofferson) is investigation a mid-air collision and comes across an unusual flight attendant (Cheryl Ladd) a number of time. They eventually spend the night together in his hotel room. The next day, "Smith" finds a strange item in the wreckage of one of the down jet liners and accidentally shoots himself with it, causing him to become momentarily paralyzed. As he lays on the floor, what can be described as a gateway appears near him and three women, including the flight attendant with a very different hairdo. She takes the item, and assures him that they had nothing to do with the crash. It turns out she, "Louise Baltimore", is from the future. She leads a team of time travelers who is trying to repopulate the world in the distant future. They must be covert in their operation, as they might cause a paradox which will change the course of history. What makes this movie pretty interesting is we get to part of the story from two different point of views. We first see what happens through the eyes of "Smith", followed by the POV of "Baltimore". These scenes are done in just about the same way each time, with exception of who the camera is focused on. The "future" set is certainly lower budget than the "present". What makes it eerie though is the dim lighting and use of greys and blacks. The special effects are also fairly low budget, especially the make-up of the characters in the "future." One of the characters make-up is so bad, it looks like he's wearing a grey rubber suit. Some of the lines are pretty weak, but are meant for a laugh. You do get a small chuckle out of these lines. There is little chemistry between the cast, and the characters are not developed well except for "Smith" and "Baltimore". Kristofferson and Ladd have only fair chemistry. The two are suppose to fall for one another, but they barely work that plotline. The music in this film are typical for the time frame this film was released. And none of it is really memorable. The wardrobes in this film is pretty boring, especially the clothing from the "future." Personally, I suggest that when you see this on HBO or another movie channel and there is nothing else to watch, you might want to try filling time with this film.

Michael W (es) wrote: Brothers get caught in wrong place at wrong time when car breaks down across the Macon County Line and run afoul of the local Sheriff. Written, produced & starring Beverly Hillbillies Max Baer, huge box-office success & drive-in classic.

Private U (jp) wrote: Obscure, but amazing. One of the best written, best executed martial arts movies I've ever seen. In a genre built on cliches and twice-run fight scenes, this tale of vengeance takes on great significance and originality. I highly reccomend...

Kristopher B (ca) wrote: a little extra Manic for your Pixie Dream Girl.

tanya f (jp) wrote: lmao till the very end!