I Don't Kiss

I Don't Kiss

A good-looking but naive lad leaves his mountain village to try and make his way in Paris. He thinks maybe he will try acting but things don't go too well for him. Eventually he is forced to sell himself to men and though he meets an attractive girl she is herself a prostitute with a vicious pimp.

A young man leaves his native town in southern France to discover Paris. Being too unexperienced and too naive, he drops into the reality of Paris 1991. He soon gives up his dream of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cade H (ag) wrote: Columbus Circle was a decent mystery flick but it was much to shallow to make it great. The story revolved around a women who has been staying up in a fancy apartment for years without anyone knowing who she really is. It is very interesting as the story about her unfolds and along the way there are many twists and turns. Most of those twists are easy to spot coming but some are shocking and really draw you in. The actors compiled for this film were great but at times the acting from some of them seemed weak. Toward the end the story gets a little over the top and while it had a satisfying ending it still felt like something more was needed. If you are just looking for a quick fix of mystery and suspense, Columbus Circle should provide what your looking for. If you want something with depth,passion and great acting, there are better choices out there.

Henrique V (it) wrote: My favorite comedy movie. It's so natural, as if you were watching a recording of a group of friends on a holiday.It's a casual movie, nice and comedy walks as if it was not purposeful, as if it were a screenplay. I do not understand the negative reviews, it seems that the people schism with Adam Sandler and Kevin James.Anyway, the two do not like so much, but this film is wonderful, I do not get tired of seeing ever.

Brad S (au) wrote: A little too obvious in its story and amateur in its production for my taste. Nice try at being an indie darling, but comes across as more of a TV movie special.

Som P (ca) wrote: The movie that has the most disgusting scenes ever. Don't watch if you're not strong enough.

Alex B (de) wrote: " How can you die when I saved you once already? "

Greg R (jp) wrote: This seems to be many peoples least favorite Satoshi Kon film, and I'll be honest, I love this one, it might be my favorite Kon film. Not only are the visuals some of the best I've seen in any of his feature films, but I think it's near a perfect movie. Tokyo Godfathers cleverly mixes in the dark and dramatic with warmth and humor into it as well with fantastic and surprisingly very believable characters, an interesting plot, and again, incredible visuals. I'm not sure if this is Satoshi Kon's best film, but of all the movies he has made, Tokyo Godfathers is the one that I wish I could make.

Brian M (jp) wrote: It's been way too long since I've watched this lol.

Travis H (it) wrote: For those horror purists who crave a movie experience that is truly disturbing and unrelentingly scary, The Last Horror Movie could well turn out to be a holy grail. This movie is a product of what I can only refer to as "horror integrity." By that, I mean that it is absolutely committed to being scary and only scary. It's not trying to scare you while making you laugh, it's just trying to scare you. Even when it tries to make you think, it only wants you to think specific, scary thoughts that allow it to sink its hooks in even deeper. This film is not merely the kind of scary that makes you yelp in surprise or flinch at a particularly inspired bloodspray pattern, it's the kind of scary that squirms into your brain and alters your perception of the world for a little while after. While definitely not for the faint of heart, in my opinion it is a high water mark for the horror genre and a triumph of undiluted artistic vision.

Franois M (mx) wrote: Awesome unknown (or little known) spanish screwball action comedy. Badass.

Frank M (mx) wrote: Funny, bizarre, quirky and quite entertaining even though not the most known of Almodovar's movies.

Nikki P (kr) wrote: i loved this movie as a kid wishing i could see it again

Dan B (es) wrote: A great old Jackie film.

RAHUL B (it) wrote: if you had not watched it , i don't have any words

Anna B (us) wrote: It's kind of fun to watch Godard play with the form, but Michel has to be one of the most repulsively unpleasant protagonists I've ever come across in a movie, and not in an interesting way. I just don't want to spend time with these empty-headed posers, even while the movie they're posing in is kind of enjoyable.

Viktor E (ca) wrote: Classical but it still got tension. Warning on the ending thou, not the original and its very dissapointing. But the rest is basic scifi greatness.

Allan C (es) wrote: Decent adventure tale a about a a group of survivors of a plane crash in South America. Sadly it does not devolve into an "Alive" scenario, but it's still pretty good. John Farrow directs and Robert Ryan, Anita Ekberg and Rod Steiger are among the survivors.

Barry L (kr) wrote: Goonies for grown ups