I Don't Want to Do Wrong

I Don't Want to Do Wrong

I have trouble viewing this movie.

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I Don't Want to Do Wrong torrent reviews

Jaime L (br) wrote: I got a few chuckles out of it but overall this is yet another of those "comedies" where being crude is supposed to be funny just because it is a "dirty" film. Keep going extreme and you will get lucky with the humor occasionally but there were many more misses than hits for me.

Muhammad S (gb) wrote: As good as the book. Really enjoyed it.

Loreno V (jp) wrote: This was just a very badly put together movie. Not good at all.

Randy P (us) wrote: Cristopher walken really made a mistake.

Sean F (br) wrote: Minority Report is a movie directed by Stephen Spielberg and stars Tom Cruise, if you weren't already interested, this movie is amazing. This film showcases another great movie based off of a Phillip K Dick novel and is the best one since Blade Runner. This also shows Tom Cruise's best performace until Collateral two years later. Spielberg did incredible work with this movie and in 2002, was his best movie since Saving Private Ryan. Solid Awesometacular.

Julian R (it) wrote: Better than Jurrassic park 3