I due assi del guantone

I due assi del guantone

Two waiters who work in a restaurant, whose owner is a big boxing fan, pretend one of them is a boxer and the other his manager. The supposed boxer wins his first matches thanks to set ups ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig L (mx) wrote: why make a documentary about band tah doesnt even do drugs? stupid waste of time at least i did meth after now that was a RUSH AAAAHAHHAHAHA

Cam D (it) wrote: Has the animation, action, characters and humor that made the show so entertaining but nothing about Trouble in Tokyo makes it feel like it's more than an extended episode. The plot is alright but there have been better story lines in the original show.

jeroen v (us) wrote: It's pretty hard to feel empathy with these Israeli troops as they are obviously the agressors that have invaded a neighbouring country. They do not feel any connection with their surroundings, bunkered in and isolated from the land they occupy. But they do feel sorry for themselves, their missed lives, musical careers, distant family. Three stars for creating a claustrophobic atmosphere interspersed with sudden outbursts of violence. Watch 'Waltz with Bashir' for a more profound experience based on the war in Lebanon.

Tina T (jp) wrote: Low key. Charming. Entertaining. Good actors.

Brandon S (br) wrote: A theatrical macabre parable about the dangers of temptation, and the sheer seduction of immorality. As a work of subtext, this is a masterpiece. And, furthermore, as a horror piece, this is truly unnerving and bizarre.

Augustine H (us) wrote: Not only Kes is buried at the end, but also Casper's hope and childhood. Few English directors are aware of the grassroots' life like Ken Loach, who adopts an endearing yet ruthless narrative to portray the real ordinary British's circumstances.

Zoran S (ag) wrote: This is one the most curious, peculiar Westerns of the classic studio era. Its tone is largely bleak and claustrophobic, though there a few light romantic moments that brighten the tone. The plot is minimal and follows the life of a bickering frontier family. Robert Mitchum plays the oldest brother, who during a brutal winter storm, goes on a journey to find the snow cat the killed his younger brother. The film's color scheme is largely expressionistic, and unlike in most Westerns, the landscape seems menacing and devoid of any potential for its frontier settlers, except of course death. The funeral scene seems more out of an Ingmar Bergman film than anything done from a Hollywood film from that time.

Ernest C (au) wrote: This film is regarding as one of the classics of animation and while some modern audiences may consider the pacing too slow and story too thin, there is still beauty and elegance in what has been managed to be achieved on screen.

Rodney S (br) wrote: Gave this a re-watch. William H. Macy, Meat Loaf, Laura Dern and David Paymer show respect for Arthur Millers revered material with some knockout performances in a pot-boiler that only just transcends it's stage trappings. The message is heavy-handed but a necessary reflection of the period in 1940's America where paranoia is bursting at the seams. Some strange angles and editing are jarring at times, but it is still a solid piece of work from first timer Director Neil Slavin.

Karl B (mx) wrote: I do love this movie. a must see older film.

Wayne K (it) wrote: A thoughtful, unflashy and mature movie about past mistakes and the memories that follow us, The Secret In Their Eyes is a film for those who like a story to carefully and methodically unfold, rather than fire off all at once. Featuring calm and collected performances which aren't afraid to break free now and then, some incredible camerawork, especially an unbroken 5-minute shot at a football stadium, a believable romance, witty dialogue and an overall satisfying plot that wraps up just how it should. It's well deserving of both its praise and its Academy Award. We witness a man, browbeaten by life, work and things he should have said and done long ago, and finds a kind of epic tragedy in his many failings, but doesn't take the easy route and make him a target for easy jokes. Instead we're left to experience what it's like to be him, highs and lows and everything in between. If I could fault it at all I would say that, at times, the pacing feels a little too deliberate, like the movie wants to hold onto us as long as possible. But its intentions are good and its delivery is always earnest. You will enjoy it as you watch it, and think about it long after it's over.