I due Kennedy

I due Kennedy

Life, career and death of the two protagonists of American life sixties, John and Robert Kennedy, from the days of their ascent to the White House, the first as president, the second as a minister of justice, to the death.

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Travis E (br) wrote: 1.5/5.0 starsA:2.0/B:2.5/C:1.0/D:4.0/E:2.0/F:2.5/G:1.0/H:2.0/I:1.0/J:1.0/K:2.0/L:1.5/M:1.0/N:2.0/O:0.5/P:1.0/Q:3.0/R:2.0/S:2.5/T:1.5/U:0.5/V:1.0/W:2.5/X:1.0/Y:3.5/Z:2.046.5 out of possible 130

Drew S (us) wrote: A very solid French dramedy a la The Big Chill. The liberal views on drugs and esp. sex will turn off some, and it is a bit soap operaish at times. Yet, the honesty, joie-de-vivre, humor, and humanity are all undeniable. Some outstanding acting. A blockbuster, mainstream French comedy-drama destined to be regarded as a minor cult classic in its homeland. Well worth your time. PS: Is it me, or does that poster remind you of Windows 8's home screen?

Bengt W (au) wrote: Den passiv/aggressiva dynamiken Coogan/Brydon r svrslagen och funkar lika bra hr som i The Trip. Kan dock inte riktigt skaka av mig knslan att bli blst p en story i Tristram Shandy.

NG E (jp) wrote: Not nearly as good as the original. But if you haven't seen the original, this remake is enjoyable enough. (Also, the description says loosely based, uhh, no. More like at least 3/4ths was copied/adapted :P)

Gustavo R (es) wrote: great movie, fun, funny, and great sci-fi effects!!

Femi R (nl) wrote: This movie was very...different. Not quite what i expected at all. Nevertheless, it was very interesting and funny at odd times. I'm a big fan of Rachel Weiss & love almost every one of her movies. You might need to be a little patient to watch this, as it starts of seemingly boring, but gets more and more interesting. The final 20 minutes were especially great!

Cresswell S (nl) wrote: "Come on Dodge, Gotta Fled" remake of the defiant ones,

Tracey c (gb) wrote: "Hologram Man" is another entertaining movie from the PM Group. PM Entertainment put out the best DTV action movies out there. They are now defunct, but in the 90's they were the kings. "Hologram Man" is the straight to video version of "Virtuosity". The plot is: Slash Gallagher (Evan Lurie) is baddest criminal around. When he kills the Governor, he gets sent to holographic statis, which means his body is discarded for a holographic one. But during his parole hearing five years later, he escapes and only one cop can bring him down: Kurt Decoda (Joe Lara). This movie has non-stop explosions. Every car, person and building is blown up. They spared no expense on the pyrotechnics this time around. The body count is also very high, with hundreds getting killed. It makes for a fun evening. The acting is also first-rate. Evan Lurie and Joe Lara put in exciting performances. Michael Nouri, on the other hand, looks like he's reading cue cards. Overall, this is a very cool flick that's worth seeing.

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Kurtiss K (es) wrote: The cinematography is fantastic, and Mortensen does a commendable job despite a lackluster script that focuses too much on "epic" and not enough on its subject.

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