I due maghi del pallone

I due maghi del pallone

The manager of a football team wants to hire a coach. Luckily the team begin to win but on the eve of an important match the opposing team has their best scorer kidnapped. Will they win the...

The manager of a football team wants to hire a coach. Luckily the team begin to win but on the eve of an important match the opposing team has their best scorer kidnapped. Will they win the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cam E (ru) wrote: Okay this is just getting frustrating. So many films that had the potential of being good have been awful. Horrid Henry The Movie that was definitely the worst. The Harry Hill Movie has nothing to offer but silliness, just plain silliness and it is very stupid. It's an okay film for about the first 10 minutes, then it just turns into stupid ridiculous and unfunny jokes. You have gun-toting chickens, aggressive sat-nav voices, people made out of shells, a giant radioactive hamster and a stupid cringeworthy car wash dance. The whole film is just a complete joke and it is so poorly made. I have seen worse yeah and yes this film was awful but at least the cast is good. I like Julie Walters, I like Matt Lucas and I like Jim Broadbent, Harry Hill also. But Jim Broadbent is barely in this film. He has a small role dressed up as a lady who is a cleaner at a Nuclear Power Station. Aside from the good cast choices Harrry Hill The Movie is one to avoid.

Micheladas B (br) wrote: i used to love MARLON but this is a new low...... this movie sucks balls,,,, im sorry i cant put it any other way.......marlon is living off past fame

leane e (au) wrote: pretty boring with not a lot going on everything in it is pretty much just ok

Sechaba L (mx) wrote: I have reg less disregard of what film critics say about Illegal Tender; this movie really deserves a date with your popcorn's. Yes it misses a few sports here and there, and tries too hard in other scenes but its a thriller. Wanda De Jesus plays a pivotal role linking the movie together.

David T (gb) wrote: Some might say that the "endless" in parentheses in the title "California Dreamin'?? (endless)" is simply a mistranslation that should read "unfinished". While this may not be the case, it's a debate not without merit, given that director Cristian Nemescu was killed in a car accident before he was able to complete this, his debut feature.It's a shame that we won't get to see his talent grow, as surely it would have done, but it is wonderful news indeed for all lovers of cinema that someone somewhere saw fit to release this movie as it stood at the time of Nemescu's death.Set in 1999, at the time of the Kosovo/Yugoslavia conflict, in a village in the middle of nowhere-ville, Romania, the story centres around Doiaru, the man who runs the railway station. He has lived in the village his whole life and, among other things, is something of a smalltime gangster, keeping the villagers poor while lining his own pockets (though you wouldn't guess it to look at him).One day, news arrives that a train carrying US Marines and the equipment they need for a job in Serbia must pass through. They must be given permission to proceed unhindered. "Not in my town," thinks Doiaru. "The law's the law, and I must see their papers." Of course, they have no papers. And so starts a long wait for the correct documentation...This synopsis is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg here. Black-and-white flashbacks to World War II introduce us to an unnamed boy and his family. Cuts between various governmental/ministerial offices tell a tale of total disorganization and unwillingness to cooperate at every level. Social uprising. Family relationships. The clashing of cultures...This is a rich tapestry. In some ways you could consider it a Romanian Short Cuts or something of that ilk. It takes a while to get going: it may be that half an hour has passed before you really start to grasp what is happening and who is who. But once the film eventually lets you in, as though you have to earn the right, it then hits you with an almost omnipresent air of looming disaster. The tension is palpable. And then once in a while you get some light relief, and you laugh out loud. An early example of the latter is the Pavlov's dog-style response of the Marines as the local military band unexpectedly begins playing the "Star-Spangled Banner" as a welcome gesture.At 155 minutes, this is not a short film, and maybe Nemescu would have tightened it up had he lived to complete it. But that may have done away with some of the beautiful pacing of the film. The large amount of translating between people who don't speak each other's language might have been some of the first to hit the cutting-room floor, perhaps. But it all adds to the chaos of the situation. Perhaps it would have been trimmed to appear like fewer days passing; but those of us familiar with both cuts of the original "Wicker Man" know that this can be unsatisfactory. We need to be with these people as long as it takes, to sense their impatience, to feel their frustration.The cast here are, to my eyes at least, almost entirely unknown, with the obvious exception of Armand Assante. Many of the non-speaking parts would appear to be "non-actors", too, which adds to the sense of realism. As does the verit? style adopted for the photography: focus shifts and wobbly cam aplenty. Personally, I adore this style of shooting, so it was great for me.There is really very little I can say in criticism of this film, especially given that it is, essentially, a work in progress. Yes, it could be shorter, but there may be a cost. I think I need to see it again. And maybe even again after that. It could be that it's already one of my top 20 movies of all time. It left me feeling something I almost never feel at a film anymore, unfortunately, and yet it didn't seem to be manipulating me. I was moved. As the final scene cut to the credits, I felt an incredible sadness, melancholy. Maybe it's the real tragedy of the film-maker, but I'm pretty sure not. I think, actually, it had a real truth to it.If you have read this to the end, I hope it's piqued your interest enough to hunt down this film. Watch it now so you can say, in five years' time, when everyone is talking about it, "I knew this was going to become a classic when I saw it way back when."I give "California Dreamin'?? (endless)" a huge 90 points out of 100

Vu L (us) wrote: Ohh Brit-drama, the likes of which Matchpoint exemplified and Separate Lies half-heartedly continued. Psychologically paced, the film simply drops in the end.

Cameron R (es) wrote: One of the best horror movies I've ever seen ! This is a must see horror classic !

KEVIN O (de) wrote: classic Bronson - want something done right sometimes you have to do it yourself!!

Private U (gb) wrote: Marlon Brando's character encourages slaves on 19th century tropical island to rebel. It is incredibly well shot; every shot is colourful and beautiful. Apparently the film's producers went well over their budget and it is easy to see why. Another good film of Brando's but in my opinion some of his earlier films were more powerful than this one.

Van R (au) wrote: "Across the Pacific" is an above-average but contrived World War II thriller that had to be shut down momentarily because of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor forced Warner Brothers to rewrite the script because the film was supposed to be about a sabotage at Pearl Harbor.The "Across the Pacific" protagonist, career U.S. Army Artillery officer, Captain Rick Leland, receives a court-marshal for allegedly stealing company funds. He leaves the military with a bad taste in his mouth and tries to enlist in the Canadian Army, but the recruiter knows about Leland's court-marshal and turns him down. Not long afterward, the Japanese contact Rick (Humphrey Bogart of "The Maltese Falcon") and arrange his passage to Panama on Nipponese freighter Genoa Maru. Rick meets a Canadian lady Alberta Marlow. In the novel, Alberta is bound for the Hawaii Islands to visit a rich uncle, while in the screen version, she says she is going to visit her wealthy uncle, Dan Marlow, who owns a plantation in Panama. In the Saturday Evening Post story, an obese Filipino, Doctor Barca, serves as the villain, while in the story treatment, he is Japanese man named Dr. Yomoto. At the end of the story treatment, a notation indicates that, "Yomoto has been changed to Dr. Lorenz." Dr. Lorenz (Sidney Greenstreetof "The Maltese Falcon") greatly admires the Japanese way of life and Lorenz, Alberta, and Rick spend a great deal of time together discussing a variety of topics, until Lorenz gets Rick to himself, pours enough liquor into the ex-artilleryman to loosen his tongue, and learns that he has information about the artillery batteries guarding the Panama Canal. About half way through the action, the film reveals what many had expected that the dishonored hero is really an undercover agent whose court-marshal was a sham to elicit Dr. Lorenz to approach Rick. Complications occur just as Rick gives Lorenz his first report on the air traffic around the Canal. Dr. Lorenz has Rick's only contact murdered and leaves Rick for dead after a severe beating with his cane. Rick survives the torture and finds Lorenz has set up a make-shift air field where a Japanese officer plans to fly a bomb-laden plane to the Panama Canal and destroy it. Incredibly, even with the change of locales, "Across the Pacific" anticipates a later Warner Brothers film "Northern Pursuit," of no relation than coincidence to the former film, where Nazi aviators plan to bomb an unnamed but obvious canal in northeastern America. Naturally, Rick guns down the plane before it can take off, the arrests Dr. Lorenz hours later when the fifth columnist lacks the intestinal fortitude to commit hara-kiri.This fast-moving, World War II thriller is not as good as "All Through the Night," but it is nevertheless fun to watch.

Ilja S (ca) wrote: Chan and Tucker, a realtionship in the making in 1998's Rush Hour. Action packed and entertaining. Even though I personally prefer the second part.