I Flunked, But...

I Flunked, But...

Takahashi finds a creative way to avoid doing his revision in this roguish comedy reminiscent of Harold Lloyd’s The Freshman.

Takahashi finds a creative way to avoid doing his revision in this roguish comedy reminiscent of Harold Lloyd’s The Freshman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I Flunked, But... torrent reviews

Ted W (ag) wrote: a very solid documentary that I wouldn't have cared one whit about if not for the good folks at record service in Urbana in the early 90's. you guys know who you are. the doc does a great job of relating the frustration of sitting atop something remarkable that nobody wanted at the time. also some great insights into the music biz of the era.

Nick S (fr) wrote: you did a great job on this movie im proud of u bro

Elia N (ca) wrote: Doux comme le chocolat...

William N (kr) wrote: A sensitive look at what for many people is life's biggest question: is there a God and does he care? The film presents us with the experiences of a group of disabled pilgrims who are in desperate search of miraculous healing. The beauty of this movie is that its storytelling is as ambiguous and often painful as the debate on miracles itself.

Cristbal D (gb) wrote: VERY confusing at the beginning, but it had an OK ending. Probably will try to watch it again to understand it.

Kandi R (br) wrote: One of the - Must Watch- , you're attention is required; kind of movies, or you Will miss something. This kid has no clue but Life lessons are abound - Watch & See!! "Its your world, Right, I just live in it?"- One of the best lines in the movie. This is some funny drama and based on what could really happen!Nathan Clements, Owner of Bloody Racket Films, could have been cast as the Caucasian Thug with the beanie. It was like someone got to know a little about Nathan and passed it on through this film.

Jeff H (br) wrote: I like Sarah Silverman as a personality, but her comedy is not that good.

Iris S (kr) wrote: this film is quite easy and kinda kind work. I watched after recommendation and haven't complained. The picture is not perfect but there are many scenes which you will remember for a long time. I still don't get why this movie gets so much mixed reviews.

Dico P (nl) wrote: a great great life story..

Keira R (gb) wrote: Did NOT care for this film at all. Yeah, I get it, he was a tortured soul, but meh! Ed Harris is great and Marcia Gay Harden is a great actress, but meh! Each other them get a star...and that's about it.

Becky T (jp) wrote: Very kitchy, wacky plot but has some very funny moments and beautiful sweeping landscapes.

Pete S (it) wrote: Behind the fiction... is a very real history of conflict between Indian activists and the FBI, which culminated in the Wounded Knee siege of 1973. One of the best films Val Kilmer has done

Dillon L (au) wrote: not as good as the first two but Rambo kicks butt

Roger K (nl) wrote: Totally captures the 80's spirit. I remember watching this in the 5th grade and I just saw it again today, not cheesy at all after all these years.

Dani J (de) wrote: Literally one of the worst movies I've seen in a while. Okay make up and effects but, just.. No.

Matthew H (jp) wrote: This is a fantastic sci-fi adventure. This has got to be one of the most underrated action films of the 90's. A great blend of 'Lord of the Flies' and a prison break movie, this is a character-driven, smart and entertaining movie that deserved greater exposure. What could've been a B-grade stinker is elevated to A-grade fun due to sharp direction, a smart script, great charcaters and great performers. Hunt this little beauty down and settle in for pure cinema enjoyment.