I Heard the Owl Call My Name

I Heard the Owl Call My Name

A young priest named mark is sent as a vicar to a native American village in B.C. Canada, there he learns of faith and humanity, as he watches their culture being torn to shreds.

A young priest named Mark is sent as a vicar to a native American village in B.C. Canada, there he learns of faith and humanity, as he watches their culture being torn to shreds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M W (ru) wrote: A waste of time. Of memory. Of thought. A waste. A refutation of the idea of Anglo dominance in film, indeed, the very argument against that theory. And yet so well thought of? I don't get it. If one has access to magic mushrooms my advice would be to do those instead.

Ronald L (br) wrote: Know your background watch this

Mark K (de) wrote: One of the worst films I've seen in a very long time.

Karia Q (mx) wrote: nothing like a typical thriller - man this bitch is sadistic! though, naturally, the people had their dumb moments which completely frustrates me. why are people so dumb!

Marina M (nl) wrote: Poxa, adorei! Miacabo com as atuaes, muito bom mesmo!

Ted W (es) wrote: Lame boring and surprising that Steven Spielberg directed this terrible movie. You want to know the honest truth, the truth is it didn't feel like you connected with the characters in any way except feel bad for the old lady mourning the loss of her son. And this movie is all over the place, first the little outer space robots then the guys who are trying to take down the main characters apartment building and them every characters's personal problems which are super dumb. The plot holes that weren't answered just makes it worse, what happens to the baby, that's the only thing I actually paid any attention to, man this movie was so boring.

Tara J (au) wrote: Hilarious. Really odd, but hilarious.

Stuart K (gb) wrote: After The Poseidon Adventure (1972) was a big success, producer Irwin Allen wanted to do a sequel, and he had an idea on how to follow up the success of the original, after one idea for a sequel had fallen through in 1973. Allen took the helm as director too, it does repeat a lot of the suspense from the original. It's not as good, but it has it's moments, but not many. Tugboat captain Mike Turner (Michael Caine), with his first mate Wilbur (Karl Malden) and passenger Celeste Whitman (Sally Field) come across the wreckage of the Poseidon, in which the survivors have been rescued. Mike wants to go aboard and claim salvage rights. However, as they approach, they're met by Dr. Stefan Svevo (Telly Savalas) and his crew, who claim to have received an SOS from the ship. They go aboard, and they end up trapped on the ship, and they find more passengers. The ship's nurse, Gina Rowe (Shirley Jones) and war veteran Frank Mezzetti (Peter Boyle) who is searching for his missing daughter Theresa (Angela Cartwright), but it turns out Dr. Svevo has a hidden agenda all of his own, and he doesn't care who survives. The effects range from good to ropey, and it came at the tail end of the disaster film craze of the 1970's. The cast are OK, and the film is just that. OK, average, reasonable, adequate. Nothing more, we've seen it all before. Pity really.

Andrejs P (au) wrote: Disturbing movie about one womans dating trials. Every one of these dudes is a loser, yet she is always attracted to these types. They run the gamut from the dude that is following you around, the hustler/drug abuser, to the excon psychopath. Makes for some entertaining situations!

Jim H (fr) wrote: A Southern belle longs for a doctor who pays more attention to desires of the flesh than Southern social mores.It's rare for me to find a superficial quality about an actor that detracts from her performance enough for me to mention it, but Geraldine Page is an unfortunate exception: I hate her face. When she smiles, her cheeks pucker into two protruding circles that dominate her expression; it's like she's got two jawbreakers stuck in her cheeks. And her expression is always coy - coyly distressed, coyly happy, coyly longing. Yes, it's superficial, but the structure of her face actually detracted from her performance.The film's central conflict is a "will he or won't he grow up" dramatic question, and such a plot obviously reinforces traditional values, or in this case, traditional Southern mores. This plot by itself isn't too strong, but with Tennessee Williams's language, it becomes more compelling. Long monologues about passion and fire make fucking around seem like a spiritual communion. This isn't Williams's best writing - some of the metaphors are overwrought and the Southern belle act has gotten cliche - but in the hands of anyone else, it would have been a bland, cliche story about a man being saved by the love of a good woman with a predictable twist.Overall, though it's one of his lesser works, fans of Tennessee Williams might enjoy this film.

Will G (ru) wrote: The inspiration for Bertolucci's recent film The Dreamers (whose POE keep me from recommending it), this collaboration between the classy Jean-Pierre Melville and surrealist Jean Cocteau never really works. A brother and sister grow up rather close in Paris - probably too close. And when a third friend enters their little world, things start to fall apart. Really strong artistic elements, but this is the kind of film that makes you want to sit in the corner and cry. So maybe you should just skip it instead.

Steve M (fr) wrote: The Invisible Ghost (aka "The Phantom Killer") Starring: Bela Lugosi, Clarence Muse, John McGuire, and Polly Ann Young Director: Joseph H. Lewis Charles Kessler (Lugosi) is a widely admired man who, known only to his faithful manservant Evans (Muse) and his daughter Virginia (Young) suffers minor bouts with insanity during which he thinks he is still living with his beloved wife, who vanished years ago. However, Kessler's insanity is far deeper and far deadlier than anyone imagines; his wife seemingly appears outside his window at night, and the sight of her sends him into a trance during which he committs horrendous strangulation murders. When Virginia's fiance (McGuire) is executed for one of the murders, his twin brother Paul (also McGuire) arrives in town intent on finding the true killer. "The Invisible Ghost" is another one of those films where I can see lots of potential that buried under a badly written script. The idea of a decent man so filled with grief and rage that he goes into murderous trances is pretty neat, but in this case the question of exactly how crazy Kessler is undermind within the first ten minutes of the film. (There's a "big revelation" that should have been saved for much later on.) Further, the dialogue (and its delivery) feels more suitable for a stage play than a movie... and it's delivered by actors whose performances mostly leave a lot to be desired. The two exceptions to my negative comments about the actors are Clarence Muse and Bela Lugosi. In the case of Muse, he plays Kessler's butler and manservant, but he projects an intelligence, dignity, and sensitivity that is lacking in just about every other character in the film; he's also the one actor who never comes across as unintentionally funny in the film... his laugh lines are true laugh lines, and they're delivered with excellent timing. Lugosi also gives an engaging performance. Although the man seemed to lack the ability to pick decent projects to perform in, he often managed to make the most of the roles he did. In this case, he shows his acting ability by going through several emotions, and even completely transforming himself by doing nothing but changing his facial expressions. On the downside of his performance in "The Invisible Ghost", Lugosi is unintentionally HILARIOUS when Kessler enters his murderous trances. It takes some of the horror and tragedy away from the story when giggling viewers are trying to decide what Kessler resembles most in his murderous state: Kharis the Mummy without his bandages, or a spastic retard shuffling home after riding the short bus. One strong aspect of the film that I must mention is that it is beautifully lit. The technical crew who worked on it really knew their stuff--the many candle-lit scenes are very well-handled with spotlights that properly follow the actors carrying the candleholders, and lighting is used consistently with great effect to underscore the drama and tension. Further, there's some very creative camerawork on display. (On the downside, the drama and tension is undermind by a truly awful score and the aforementioned bad acting.) I think "The Invisible Ghost" is worth watching for Muse and Lugosi's performances, but the bad definately outweighs the good.

Branham N (fr) wrote: Never liked it, still don't.

Lee M (gb) wrote: A highly-detailed dramatization of a true case, The Onion Field deals in its two hours with death and guilt; and the manipulation of the judicial system to pervert justice. This movie may be a jack of all trades, but it's also a master of none.

Bill B (br) wrote: Kicked off 2014 with this one off the To-Watch Pile and the pledge to watch as many films for the first time this month as I can. Tati never disappoints and I am happy to cross this charming film off my list of shame. Great stuff!Recommended.