I Just Didn't Do It

I Just Didn't Do It

A young man is falsely accused of molesting a high-school girl on a train. He is arrested and charged, and goes through endless court sessions, all the while insisting that he is innocent.

A young man is falsely accused of molesting a high-school girl on a train. He is arrested and charged, and goes through endless court sessions, all the while insisting that he is innocent. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna B (jp) wrote: Felt like every scene broke my heart just a little bit.

Selena F (es) wrote: I want to so see this movie so bad again

Jocey D (fr) wrote: Intense and thrilling drama. The true identity of the protagonist is kept hidden till the end. The mental machinations keep you wondering on the edge of your seat. Good cast keeps all characters sympathetic. You never know who is really your true friend.

Steve W (gb) wrote: This is not a Jean Claude Van Damme movie, rather a period piece action adventure war film with Jean Claude Van Damme in it.There are no spin kicks and scenes of him "kicking ass" so to speak. The most amount of fight prowess he has is a boxer, who is ordered to take a dive but refuses. The gangster boss and his goons chase Alain (Van Damme) until he ducks into an office and signs up for French Foreign Legion.Making friends with some oddball fellow soldiers, Alain must trek the dusty and dangerous desert, while trying to invade Turkish lands. The gang boss sends two men to sign up to kill Alain, and his past collides with their current campaign in the middle of the desert.I feel that this is a very underrated movie. It has solid battle scenes and explosions, with good acting from the supporting cast. This is movie is a solid gem, a diamond in the rough.

Isaac T (br) wrote: One of my favorite films. It's got a very good plot and some great humor, courtesy of Tom Hanks, not to mention is recaps several historical moments in somewhat humorous ways. Also, the bench Gump sits on while he tells his story is in Savannah, Georgia. I've actually seen the bench before.

Brendan N (fr) wrote: from the terrible credit setup, you just know this Ernest addition is in trouble. This is the worst Ernest film, the jokes are terrible and Ernest isn't even funny. The guards wearing hot pink jackets? WTF is going on in this film? The innocent Ernest is put through gag after gag but not one of them is funny. A huge disappointment after the first two, you can really tell that preproduction was clearly wasted here.

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: 89% "Same old shit, hasn't changed in one hundred years."-Sonny Crowkiller (Billy Wirth) If I could curse the fucking white man in the Blackfeet's tounge, I would. That being said, it is a great action flick as well as unknown to most. If you like role playing events gone horribly wrong, check out the Canadain film THE WILD HUNT.

Margarita S (jp) wrote: The premise is simple - Two chess players, one Grand Champion and one former protg battle over the course of several days for the title of World Champion. Conceptually, the film is set up as a thriller and it's ambitious. Although it delivers on intrigue, it sacrifices on adequate character development. Characters are more representative of ideas than they are actual believable people. Background information is given only in pieces, so it's a difficult film to sink one's teeth into. That said, as a viewer, you definitely find yourself wanting to know who wins.

Nicolas T (mx) wrote: charles Denner ... one of the best french actors

Uttiya R (it) wrote: So, I ended up watching this movie today and I feel scared. "Belle de Jour" is perhaps Bunuel's most accessible work but, it still is a remnant of a monstrosity, with a subject matter that would make even the modern viewer cringe. Belle, Severine is a woman haunted by her own desires, and curiosities. Here, Bunuel decodes the secret to an erotic material in full, that the best eroticas are don't show more, they leave more to the imagination and titillates us through curiosity. The film explores the realities and fantasies of Severine and in doing so, often times it seems like Bunuel is laughing at the entirety of the bourgeois, making fun of them. So, when the people walk into the whorehouse where Severine finds work, he contrasts their real life descriptions with their sexual fantasies, creating scenes that on the surface look like they were meant to showcase the fall of Severine, but, seem like an attempt to make fun of the people who are using her. Her fantasies, her turn ons are all obscure, scary almost and yet, they are real when they are shown in the film, perhaps because they are so important to the protagonist. At the end, when the carriage bell rings, you are one with her, and the film has come a full circle. Only you are left uncomfortable with what you have viewed. The actress gives a memorable performance, and her beauty, almost unmarked seems to be the perfect face of this kind of film. Even in the scene where she is tied, with blood coming out of her face, there is a sort of innocence, a sort of unchanging quality in her that makes it all seem alright. The film borders on the haunting sometimes, and in the end, it is almost scary. There are moments which remind me of some characters I love. This woman walking past Severine as she watches the door leading to the whorehouse filled with doubt, exhibits a disdain towards her and immediately reminds me of the mysteriousness of Arnold Friend. I do not know if the name of Anais, given to the businesswoman in charge of the whorehouse was a homage to Nin, but, sometimes it feels like this will be the one film that comes closest to depicting the intensity with which the writer wrote.

Garry T (gb) wrote: George Raft portraying his classic gangster/wiseguy role. Cagney's life gets turned upside down in the joint when framed. A good watch.

Christopher L (ru) wrote: It was okay. Mostly predictable syrup, nowhere near as good as something like "My Best Friend's Wedding" (which I love). Some very funny scenes and nice little awkward moments, but mostly meh. Too bad.

Russell H (ag) wrote: very stupid but entertaining. "Fuck you, Lucky Charms!"

Tom F (it) wrote: Really genuinely moving. Have not stopped thinking about this one since I saw it.

Lovro H (kr) wrote: Was expecting a much better movie, but that's not what I got. Instead, I got a predictable thriller that feels as uninspired as another Transformers movie, but with much better acting. Johnny Depp is a great actor and easily the best thing in this movie (besides John Turturro, of course). The movie desperately wants you to know it's a plot twist movie from the very beginning. It puts clues everywhere and in the first 15 minutes, I figured out the ending. For the next 70 minutes, I just waited to see if I was right. And guess what, I was. The characters are interesting and Depp's descent into madness is more than entertaining, and even with such a predictable ending, it was cool to see Depp go batshit crazy! Throughout the movie Depp and Turturro keep saying that the ending is the most important part of a book. And Turturro's character wants Depp's character to fix the ending of his story. The only thing that REALLY needs fixing, is this movie's ending. All in all, a predictable thriller with an uninspired plot only worth seeing because of Depp's another great performance.

Jenn M (nl) wrote: This was disppointing and I'll tell you why. When Shia has the best acting in a film that has multiple acting legends, there is a problem. Shia did great actually, he killed it as a reporter. I was disappointed with Redford though, but j think that had more to do with how his character was written and the dialogue which I thiught was over the top at times. otherwise, a decent movie though

Lola M (mx) wrote: this movie was sad. jesse eisenburg is a bad actor!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like him i want to sue this movie for disterbing the peace of that lovely woman "his mom" what an asshole he is!!!!!!!!