I Knew Her Well

I Knew Her Well

Adriana, a young woman from the provinces, moves to Rome in order to become a celebrity.

Adriana, a young woman from the provinces, moves to Rome in order to become a celebrity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sabena A (kr) wrote: I wasn't expecting that much from this movie as I didn't watch first part of this series but I must admit it's a really nice movie, full of action, blood and entertainment when it comes to item numbers in this movie, all actors were great specially John, if you are a fan of Bollywood action then it's a must watch for this season.

Joe A (kr) wrote: Routine horror has a group of teens investigating a supposed haunted road while, in a nearby town, two policeman hunt an escaped killer. Not only is this flick unoriginal but it ends mid story and has the audacity to flash a "To Be Continued " card at the end. Not only couldn't writer/director Nicolas Smith give us an original movie, he couldn't even give us a complete one. Seriously lame!

Rob A (nl) wrote: Suprisingly, very solid acting all around.

Ted W (au) wrote: Terrible sequel marvel movie starring Nic cage and returning as the role of ghost rider. I hated this garbage movie, it ruined ghost rider as a whole, I bet their is going to be a reboot of him but let me say why I have this movie 1 star instead of the half star it deserves. I liked the first ghost rider movie and I thought this movie would sorta fix what the first movie did wrong but nope but one thing that stayed the same is ghost rider himself and how he kills people and his fiery on fire face with revenge but that's another question I have why does he have revenge, he's saving not his movie but some other random girls kid, like what, ghost rider didn't have to be in this movie but because he's the start and they can't come up with any good ideas, yeah Sony I'm talking to you, give all marvel rights you have to Disney, I forgot at the time this movie came out Disney didn't own marvel but now give them to Disney, Disney makes everything good except some pirates of the Caribbean movies but just give it to them. The plot / story was unoriginal, saving the kid from becoming something bad, was it even in the comics, I highly doubt it because that's the cheesiest plot ever. I know that this movie did terrible at the box office so hallelujah no trilogy. I'm just disappointed because I had high hopes but I was wrong.

Aaron L (ru) wrote: One of the best independent short movies I've EVER seen!! A very touching and human story about a 15 year old boy, who falls in love with a 40 year old woman.. amazing soundtrack, full of major stars... extremely real and a movie anyone who remembers being 15, or who is 40, can empathize with! I highly recommend it.

Dammy G (fr) wrote: I actually liked this movie. I should take a shower for saying that, shouldn't I?

Blake B (ag) wrote: A distinct Alexander Payne film. Expertly written, and extraordinarily acted, Election, may not be Payne's best film, but he certainly shows off many of his talents in this picture.

horse c (au) wrote: Mindless Drivel of the Worst Kind

Knox M (br) wrote: The best movie about alcoholism ever made, Under the Volcano beholds one of cinema's greatest performances.

Greg W (us) wrote: campy fun my own fave monster pic

Matthew H (fr) wrote: Blood Diamond is a gem of a movie. Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou give excellent performances, but the story is somewhat neglected in some aspects, taken as violence and car chases instead.

Jeff B (de) wrote: Well, this certainly is a sappy romance from the 50s, but it's also certainly well told and delivered. Even though this is only the second Sirk film I've seen (I saw Written on the Wind a couple years ago), it's tough for a director to make such a name for himself with only a couple movies. I mean, Sirk's films sort of define a 50s genre of films. There aren't many directors who can have their name be a film genre. Anyway, onto the film, I really enjoyed it even if it was over the top with love and, well, 50s. Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman were great together, I particularly loved their time in France. But again, as I've mentioned, this is sappy and over the top, but it really wouldn't have worked if it was any less. It's got a wonderful scenery and nice score as well. I wouldn't call this a masterpiece, but it's a very nice film.

Luke C (br) wrote: Good transvestyte film about a guy who dresses up as a woman to see his kids. It beats Big Momma's House 1