I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale

I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale

John Cazale was in only five films - The Godfather, The Conversation, The Godfather, Part Two, Dog Day Afternoon, and The Deer Hunter - each was nominated for Best Picture. Yet today most people don't even know his name. I KNEW IT WAS YOU is a fresh tour through movies that defined a generation.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:39 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
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A portrait of the acting craft of John Cazale and a tour through the movies that defined a generation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale torrent reviews

Joetaeb D (de) wrote: A sweet, charming, hard to hate teen dramedy.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: Really funny and brilliant film enjoyed all of it, Way better than I expected when I first heard they were making this film.

Erik G (it) wrote: Inexplicably acclaimed piece of master-shot cinema.

Hanna M (au) wrote: Not really what i expected...... Comedy missing!!!!

Paul K (mx) wrote: Amazing. Life on the Kazakh steppe: now you know what hardship is. Not the world we live in. Ranks with 'The Story of the Weeping Camel' as a window on that world. Hollywood eat your heart out.

Jason S (br) wrote: Some nikkaz try N live dat life but ain't bout dat life.

Jackson (jp) wrote: will Smith so great!

Caesar B (de) wrote: Shot in brit-ganster movie style it's about yobbos doing yobbo things, boozing, snorting & fucking. There are some good moments, but overall it pretty meh. To be precise it's not hardly as clever or cool as it makes itself out to be. I can just hear the writer saying: "This is the story of how me and my mates got on in lower middle class Britain, bla, fucking, bla." The characters are in their twenties and I couldn't care less. Might be inspirational to some people provided they have very low expections in life.

Claire T (kr) wrote: I thought this film was crap and I will not watch it again, I didn't like this film I thought it was crap, I didn't like it, thought it would be better than this, it starred Katie Holmes, don't want it on DVD

Dan B (br) wrote: This movie proved one thing to me: Now and forever, I hate Bill Pullman. He's not the most terrible thing about this poorly-executed, hare-brained attempt to write Sherlock Holmes as the lead in a romantic comedy, but only because he's tied with all the other terrible things.

Kristy P (us) wrote: A family tries to hold itself together over southern food and family gatherings. Not much of a storyline, not much of a movie.

Satu V (ru) wrote: not sure if i've already seen this

Corey C (fr) wrote: Unpleasant, disturbing, awkward and unflinching. I liked it, though I'm not sure I ever want to see it again. Nice place for David O. Russell to start; I would hope he'd return to dark, personal filmmaking, as each subsequent film has gone broader and broader.

Bruce B (gb) wrote: Was Dissapointed in this one. I never turn off a horror flix, Agaiin a Slasher / Comedy (At least To Me). But near the end I found myself paying bills, and thats a first. Will I add it to my collection, only if its a pawn shop $3.00 DVD. Great Costumes, good idea's for Halloween

Ben L (gb) wrote: I like a good mind-bending movie where I have to puzzle out exactly what is going on. However I usually prefer if it's a symptom of a complex plot, unlike Marathon Man where the plot is quite basic but they refuse to talk about it until about half-way through the film. It's really aggravating watching just random scenes spliced together and trying to track it all when I have no framework for why any of it is happening until after Dustin Hoffman is taken captive for the infamous "Is it safe?!" scene. Let me save others the trouble if you decide to watch this movie. There's this old retired Nazi who's been hiding out in the middle of nowhere living off of diamonds that his brother stores for him in New York. However, when his brother dies, he must venture into New York himself to gather the rest of his diamonds. I'm going to avoid going into all the spoilers about how Dustin Hoffman gets involved, but that is the basic information I wish I knew going in so I could make some sense of this film. Of course even with that information I don't know if Marathon Man would have worked all that well for me. It still takes a ridiculously long time for Hoffman and Roy Scheider to connect the 2 disparate stories they spend the first half setting up.What I will say is that when the story was actually in full swing I found it riveting. I did tense up out of concern for Hoffman and started to get invested, wondering what would happen next. I also liked the way Marathon Man handled flashbacks, showing us just enough to understand what happened and why it made an impact on Hoffman. The acting performances are also quite good which is what you'd expect with that cast list. I think I just expected more. Even in the most famous scene, where Hoffman is being tortured, I had heard so much about it so I expected something considerably worse. The actual scene seemed mild compared to my expectations. The whole film lacked the kind of classic movie magic I anticipated, and even the ending was a bit of a let down. I don't want to dissuade anyone who has interest in exploring Marathon Man, because it's certainly not a horrible film. But I would temper your expectations and be prepared for a very slow start (which includes an absolutely stupid car crash that gets the plot rolling.) I wanted to like Marathon Man more, but sadly it didn't go the distance.

Private U (de) wrote: love this movie! obsessively watching sundance channel for a chance to see it again

Karen H (es) wrote: 2016-01-12 kids were great, so was Winter

Thomas B (ag) wrote: Jodie Foster is good as usual but the plot is too far-fetched to take seriously. Full review later.

Prem A (mx) wrote: Wow, amazing movie, I loved casting, editing, camera movements everything. They really take you inside the characters head. amazing

Anthony M (us) wrote: Cameron dieze Ben still have permeating chemistry there so quirky and likable and the juvenile humor works well it never goes for easy jokes and never drags it's legs to the ground you need to know that something about marry is great

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